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You are correct. It's audio-only, and certain codecs only too.
Did you find a solution?The answer is in the speaker setup. In the receiver's settings page there is an option to configure a powered zone 2 setup. If you do that, your error message will disappear.The option should be under: Setup-> Speaker Configuration -> Speaker SettingsThen turn powered Zone 2 on. I checked this on my older 708, but it should be the same for yours.
Just checked my TX-NR626. It has a cooling fan under the top grill slightly to the left of the tuning knob.
The 616, at least with the original firmware, had horrid HDMI performance. From all I have heard lately, most of the 2012 models have had their issues sorted out by now.That's typical of Onkyo over the past 4 years or so. New models with buggy firmware. The HT-RC180, 708, and the 616 were three models that shipped with particularly buggy firmware that I have dealt with. The 708 had network issues, and the 616 had HDMI problems. The 626 I purchased recently was pretty...
They should. But the latest firmware update requires a minimum version already installed. This may not be because there's any missing fixes, but that the latest firmware update requires a minimum firmware version to avoid some bug that would brick the receiver during the update process.Back when the updates were over the network, you could update after a year or two and it would always download the latest version and not any interim versions.There's an exception to that...
You can run Audyssey Pro on it. Basically have someone drop in with a laptop and calibrated mic and do a custom calibration.I've seen some traffic from this process and am interested in cracking how this is done for my own nefarious purposes. Actually, I do have it sort of figured out, but nothing to play with that supports it.Onkyos from the 3000 and 5000 series support it - but it's nerfed in the US models.
Probably. I also bet it will also not be installer-capable either.I don't mean to put it down. If the 929 is exactly the same as the 818 with Zone 2 HDMI, it's going to be a great model. I only hope it is heavily discounted like the 818 was and not the 828 instead.I'd get one of these to replace the 626, but I want a yet higher model this time around. So I'm hoping the 1000, 3000 or 5000 series is going to have HD radio and some other cool trappings.
The most it says is:Audyssey MultEQ® XT32Audyssey’s top-flight room correction suite equalizes the sound to suit the acoustics of your listening space. High-res filters are applied to all channels—including subwoofers— based on information collected from more than 10,000 individual control points across eight measurement positions.
Glad to see this thread still alive. My 42" is still doing just fine and gets tons of use.
They use Mediabolic UPnP, at least for discovery and control. I do not know if that is what they necessarily use for playback. The receiver also uses Alsa drivers for audio, but I do not know if they are really used or are used to shove everything off to the DSPs.
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