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if you look in my vids there should be some in there ie the link in my sig and look at my other vids
Thanxs from snowy burbs of toronto ps added a new vid of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8uP7ZE7iwI
Thanxs there paradigm studio 100s and I'd love to give them to ya but still have not won the lotto
Thanxs it's actually a cut out for a fireplace so we just turned it in to the rack
Hi Folks from the great white north!! rev for 2012 now a 11.2 setup and 3d well here is a break down and pics of my ht room ill even pop in a you tube vid of the build denon 4311 ci avr with airplay upgrade Apple tv 2 Net gear hub emotiva xpa 3 amp 200x3 driving my front 3 paradigm studio 100 v3 mains (updated tweeters to v5 and mids) paradigm studio cc 490 center (edit now have a studio 590 v5 center) paradigm ams 300 in walls for front height and rear...
Hi yup I have it in 11 ch mode with the front amps off just wasn't sure if there was a center ch option to turn it off as well. As my amp is a 3 ch Ps if you do it this way you just skip the wides and it turns off the front mains
Just got a emotiva xpa 3 to power my fronts and let the den on power the rest any who quick question I can turn off the Amps for the fronts but not the center is there something I'm missing? Ps this upgrade made a huge difference in sound it's pumping now!
The NAd is 150x2 the xpa is 200x3 you could bridge the 272 for 300 mono I may keep them both not sure yet till I hear the xpa
Yea I get the graph deal the new amp just might add some more punch and less drain on the 4311 bit more power
Thanxs thats with a NAd c272 on the fronts have a emotive xpa3 on the way should pump a bit better with that I don't notice a big spike in trebble
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