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It's called a million dollar foosball table. $399 retail
Purchased this from a local dealer in expectation of our new home project. Long story short the project didn't end up happening and now I'm having to get rid of a number of items. This server is literally brand new. After I first bought it I set it up to see how it works and loaded my full iTunes library on it. I used it for a week or so and then unplugged it and it's been sitting since. I just pulled it out and did a factory restore (sorry you don't get to see my...
good deal
I love those theater seats, we sell them all the time.
Building one myself atm, but if you are going to spend 2-3k for it predone. I would find a mame cabinet builder that using the HyperSpin front end (google video of it) - that setup just completes any mame. Mameroom doesnt use hyperspin, which imo, lacks polish.
My concerns are 1) would it be too wide -You need a 13x17 room for 8' table, you are going to have more than enough room with chairs 2) How to avoid scratching the pool table and -Wood poker topper with a cover between that and the table 3) would you be able to sit comfortably at it to play poker or would your legs bump up against the pool table underneath. -You are fine for the most part, because the poker topper is extended usually beyond the play surface
I sell pool tables and poker tables. I sell a company, and I am sure a retailer in your area sells them too; is California House. Where they make a pool table topper for poker as well as chairs that are slightly raised to make it comfortable to sit at a pool table and not feel like you are 12 years old. Check for a dealer in your area. You don't have to buy their pool table, but they are the only one I am aware of that sells decent quality chairs at proper adjusted height.
full story, not found here
jew banned?
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