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Mark choice 2 is the way to go. Took me a bit to filter this. Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated. Funny part is I hardly drank last night. Info overload haha Jeff
Better picture
I think what I'm seeing is if I duplicate the 4ohm choice as shown imagining the 4ohm outputs as wires from the boxes I can net 4ohms.
My head hurts. One I those situations where the answer is there but I'm so overloaded I can't see it anymore I have four boxes that house two 4ohm dvc subs. I have a choice of wiring them for either 1ohm or 4ohm coming out of each as you can see here: In the end there will be four of these boxes and I need to be at 4-8 Ohms for the combined resistance on the four boxes. I hope I said that right. Should I wire them as 1 ohm or 4 ohm to make the easiest final...
Thank you for explaining that. I get it.
Why do you recommend sealed?
I have 2 18's for sub duty. 20 8's for bass. Just wanting more drum punch, so I'm putting these on an unused channel on my mini dsp where I can tune the exact frequencies for just that. Power would be from one channel of an EP4000 amp. A total of 8 of these 12's to fill that void in my home theatre. Because I'm using car subs and sub boxes I figured I'd ask the gurus in car audio
I'm going to change what I'm asking. I don't need 80hz and lower. What would be the frequency response of these speakers in that box? Could I run them 100-400?
I bought a bassworx dual 12" ported box that has 1.65 cu ft or 46.7liters volume depending on your preference and it says is has tuning of 42hz. For the box I have MB Quartz 304 and the specs are found in this PDF. http://www.mbquart.com/manuals/subwoofers/mb_quart_onyx_owc_subwoofer_manual.pdf What would be a good frequency range to run for mid bass? Not looking for shake the ground sub effect. More drums and low guitar etc. Any help would be appreciated Jeff
Perfect. This is why this forum is amazing. Thank you very much! Jeff
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