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I want to know as well. I have everything going to an A/V receiver first then one HDMI cable out to the TV. Even with a Harmony one remote, I have not found an easy way to switch between scene types or to adjust picture settins without having to go through all the menus.
how do you guys have backlight so low? Even in a completely dark room, if you watch a movie with a lot of dark scenes, anything less than backlight of 5 seems too dark for me. I use cinema1, ECO off, led standard. The good thing is I don't have any flashlighting either way.
does anyone know how to get into the Service Menu on this tv?
are you using 1 hdmi cable to your TV for all your devices? or are using multiple hdmi ports on your tv. I had an old sony tv that had one bad hdmi port and the tv signal or whatever was connected to that one port would crack in and out.
weird, is there something wrong with this model? or is it just that they have to make room for the new model.
ok, good to know. I just got my tv and so far so good, haven't noticed any flash lighting. will need to play around with the settings. I checked some of the calibration settings on cnet and some other place but the picture seems quite dark. Anyone have any good settings for movie watching? I'll try some games later.after playing around with the settings, for now im using cinema 1 with various adjustments/processing options. Seems great so far, tried a bit of 3d too,...
yep, ive been very pleased with the PQ of the quattrons. The only thing lacking is the black levels of course, looking to step up a bit with the Sony. I'm hoping the HX850 will satisfy me for about 2 to 3 years until the OLEDs come down in price. Hopefully this will be my last and best LED tv.
I'm getting a 55" delivered today. In Canada, there's still lots of stock in Futureshop. I currently have a Sharp Aquos 46" 830u and it's been fine for gaming, hoping the Sony will be as good.
How's the HX850 for gaming? Will there be any input lag, even in game mode? thanks
Really? As good as plazma? I just put in an order for the hx850 @ 1800 CDN. The XBR was just too much money, about 3500 CDN. Hope I made a good choice. Was thinking about the Samsung ES8000, but I'm hearing of way too many issues. Plus I think I prefer the black bezel, hope I don't have any issues upon delivery this week.
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