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Just Titanfall has a problem when using Instant-On for me.
Ok, so Titanfall does not play well with the Instant-on feature of the One...Titanfall locks up after turning the One off and back on. Is there a way to "reset" a game instead of turning off Instant-on, turning off the console, and turning the console back on?
As long as its throwback Mt. Dew...I am in.Syrup-free finish is the only way to go.
It is hard to design something that pleases everyone...as I couldn't care less about resume; I don't watch movies in parts. If they put everything that people wanted into a player it would up the price...making people complain it is too expensive.
2.4 has a longer reach compared to 5. Wired is best if you can swing it. If your Xbox is close to the router , try 5.
Looks aren't the problem...the Kuro can display games beautifully. However, they do have quite a bit of input lag and some people notice it when playing games requiring nano-second timing. I do not notice it. Maybe if I played on a display with nearly zero input lag, I could compare.
I am having my calibrator come back out and "touch-up" my 141. At that time, I am going to have him calibrate Game Mode. I have gamed countless hours on my 141 using the ISF-Night mode...and I have never felt like my performance in a game would be better if the input lag was lower (in other words, I don't notice it). However, since he is coming out anyway...I figure why not have him make Game Mode look as good as possible.
I got your cookie baking as I type.
I want to believe there is something different too...but I haven't seen anything yet. Supposedly, only one poster knows and they are not sayin'.
Are you getting marc and HD confused?
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