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Thanksf or the reply, Im gonna get intel 4000hd anyways, but Im gonna wait for the batch of low tdp processors. I might in the futre add a videocard and do gaming
Hey all, Im choosing the memory for a HTPC build. Im getting a H77 motherboard and a Ivy bridge intel graphics 4000 processor The HTPC will be used for 720P and 1080i recording from TV shows and movie editing. I will not be gaming on this HTPC or using a videocard. so, my questions: 1)Should I go with 16GB or max out 32GB? I may want to edit movies while recording in the background, and I dont know if 16GB is already enough 2)Regarding Latency, I've seen...
I have a Pioneer DVR 640H-S When transfering footage from the HDD to the DVD, its required that the video is at least 2 seconds long. In addition, when transffering edited footage to a DVD, only the parts that are 2 seconds or more gets burned into the DVD. Im wondering, is this exclusive to my model, or a technology characteristic of DVD burners? Can this be changed with firmware upgrades so I can copy segments that are perhaps 1 second long?
In 2 of my Samsung sets, among the many HDMI inputs, there is a special one wich has DVI between Brackets. Why is that? Can I only connect DVI-HDMI devices on this particular input? Can I connect normal HDMI-HDMI devices on it? Also, my sets have a VGA + PC sound input. If I use the HDMI (DVI) input for video only, will it get sound from the PC sound input?
This is crazy....simply optimize the disk and all space will become free again. It took 8 hours on my hdd, so you may wanna set this before sleep
I was able to get FM radio and analog broadcast working alrady. I had to do a frequency scan. I will do a frequency search for HD signals tonight, no time at the moment. I dunno whats the diference between a ferquency scan and a channel scan...anyways.... No lights turn up on the tuner, perhaps thats reserved for line i capture, there are s-video/conposite cables included to conect to the tuner. Im using the provided antena. Having said that, the quality of analog...
Ok. I got this device, but I have no idea how to use it. I installed it on my macbook and installed the software, but Im not getting any channels. Besides, no light on the USB tuner turns up, so Im worried it may be defective.
Yeah, Leo, the problem is that the Pioner sees my drive as FULL event ough it isnt, I erased almost all titles already. When I finish backup, Im gonna try to restart the HDD
Thanks, Ill give it a try, is that Windows 7 only? Works with Vista? what about Mac OS or Linux?
Hello, I noticed that when editing video, and I tried both Windows movie maker and iMovie, the produced movie has less quality than the original source. I would like to know technically why this happens. My objective is to be able to use a HTPC to record TV shows and edit out unwanted content withoug losing image quality In order to specify exactly my goals, lets take the following scenario: I have a 720p 10min movie of a dance performance, and I want to cut out the...
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