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What about USB tuners, like Kworld, how they OTA analog compares against line in s-video. And editing software, are you familiar with such products?
Im finally learning something, I wish I had this research done 5 years ago before my purchase.One more thing I noticed. When copying titles to the DVD from the HDD (DVD formatted Video Mode) and I don't finalize the disc, Im still able to copy back to the HDD. Do I lose image quality there also? That really sucks
Friend, my Pioneer is still burning to DVDs. At the moment Im backing up everything. However, I plan on trying to repair the HDD, copy back the titles, and try to edit, to make then a final burn of the shows. I have a few questions: 1)Whats the technical diference between VR mode and video mode, that allows VR to be loseless? 2)Does VR allow frame accurate edits, and if so, is it loseless as well? I allways get a warning saying that high-speed recording would result in...
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Luchazo, are you brasilian? I am, thats why Im looking for this specific model to, the ISBD-T It started selling at idreamstore.com.br like 3 days ago, I would like some feedback tough, however this may be dificult as this model probably will only sell in the brasilian and japanese market
Its a USB tuner for MAC, also compatible with PCs. I searched a thread but could not find it. Has anyone been using them?
CitiBear, thanks a lot for your insight. Yeah, upgrading the HD is tricky, so I bought yesterday a Magnavox 500GB, which will possibly be my last hdd recorder. Im now focusing on building a HTPC, as I want to achieve best picture quality. Im ok with not having best audio, so XP is fine regarding audio, and as a matter of fact, I cant live without frame accurate editing. Since in my country, 80% of transmissions are still analog, Ive been somewhat satisfied with DVD...
(original poster here) Too bad a fix is not available, I tought something would be created by now, it took time for my specific model to malfunction. A reply was posted above recomending me to get a computer to do PVR instead of HDD Recorder. Well, if I get a hptc, wich program can I use to edit the titles without loss of quality? iMovie and Windows movie maker create worse titles then the original.
Somethign strange happened to my Pioneer DVR-640H-S Hard Disk. Not only it shows as 0 time remaining, its impossible to edit titles. Erasing wont clear new recording time. Everything else seems to work normally. I believe this bug must have appeared before to some user and its probably discussed in this forum, but I was unable to find it during a search. What causes this bug? Is there a fix? Whats its meaning, does it mean the hard drive will die soon, or is it a...
(original poster here) Yeah, I did some testings and it looks like there is no visual diference when recording in XP or SP. However it was visible for anything less then SP. My Hard Drive is only 160GB, so XP would leave me with not many hours to record. Because of that, Ive been using SP, but kinda sad my hard drive is not 3TB, lol And apparently MN are for qualitiy settings between the most common/standart settings (like XP, SP, LP etc), correct me if Im wrong. Im...
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