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Thanks, guys. The Magnavox does give me a nice upgrade over the Pioneer, I will probably get it anyways, even if I also buy a HTPC. I does cover all my SD recording needs, but not 720P/1080P shows. Therefore, I would like to add the following info to the equation: -I would like 720p/1080P recording, and BD recording only so I can free space on the Hard-drive as more and more recording is done. I will lose quality if I record HD shows on DVD, I believe. I dont need BD...
Im completly new to this, as I just moved from Saturn. Im looking for a replacement for my Pioneer DVD/HDD 160GB Recorder. Magnavox 320GB is an option, but why not go with HD and blu-ray recording? Below are my needs. I may do a custom build, but Im OK with pre-build media centers, I actually would like to know wich companies produces them. I wasnt kidding about Saturn. 1) I need to record everyday TV shows and watch later. 99% is SD, but there are some shows with 720p,...
Im looking to upgrade my DVD/HDD recorder (160GB) and since Magnavox is the only option for DVD, and JVC blu-ray is 2k, how about a media center with a nice capture card, 2tb storage and blu-ray recording?
Yeah, that specific LG model is discontinued, but LG is still making HDD DVD recorders. Regarding the component inputs, according to their website, LGs HDD recorders have them, but thats not 100% confirmed, I would like to see a picture. LG is making a Blue-ray HDD recorder JVC is making a Blue-ray HDD recorder.
Whats the best HDD recorders available today? Here are my picks for both DVD and Blue-ray: LG RHT499H (DVD) -Component input -HDMI 1080P output -320GB Panasonic DMR-BW900 (Blue-ray) -1TB Hard Drive
Curtis, Shearwood and Vision Quest seem to be making "brothers" of Momitsu BDP-899. Not only that, Momitsu also released model BDP-799. Wich Region free Blue-ray players is the best, and WHY? You cant simply answer, you need to justify it!!
What is average and/or expensive in the audiophile/videophile world? By the way people, monster cable can be found by US$ 15 ate ebay, thats not expensive...cmon..
What are the 10 most expensive cable companies? Here in Brasil, Monster is considered the best manufacturer in terms of quality, and I personally know of Belkin, so my rank would be: 1)Monster 2)Belkin I would like to know wich cables are "advertised" as the best ones. Im not concerned if they actually are best or not, overpriced or not. I just want to know wich ones are recomended by the "salesman".
IS region C PAL or NTSC or a new type?
Thanks for the replies. Looks like there are 2 Blue-ray players wich can be region free with a code hack using the remote: -LG BH200 -Momitsu BDP-899
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