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Im need to hook up a sd DVD player, a HD-DVD player and a blue ray player, this is the cheapest model i found that has 3 HDMI. Higher end models are not available in silver, so i m really considering getting this receiver. My qyestion is simple: Does this receiover in any grade downgrade the picture quality of the hidef players? I always heard that not conecting the player directly to the TV causes the picture to not look too good. Plus, should i get high end cables...
Wich company makes better players, Arcam or Denon?
If all u can do is to play the movie and not wacth hte extras, then this player is a S H I T I topught u could at least see the extras like trailers and stuff....evertheless, i read somewhere that his player isnt compatible with the original iHD, however, it has its own custom interface do deal with the features and that therefore u could in theory wacth the iHD....I hess we need to see actuall testing with HDDVD discs
What the *** is that?
Goldstar could be crap but Lg is great, they are dominating the market in all fields
So what its LG, it as good as sony or samsung. And yes its a blue ray player that can play hddvd movies, but not use all its features...but it can play the movie and thats all i need
My HDTV only has 1 HDMI input, so if I get two separate players, im gonna have to spend US$ 2000 on a Denon receiver...any other less expensive receiver would downgrade the players experience...so its cheaper for me to get a combo...plus there is the space savings... I know that this player is not the PERFECT player, but its only the start, next model will probably have full HD-DVD support By the way, what the hell are the interactive features?
By the way, this is hardly a war....you will never wacth spiderman in HdDVD. It not like you can choose a format and have all your movies in it...you need to have BOTH. So its not a war...therfore why not get a universal player to keep things simple? This can be considered a war in the pc media scenario....will windows 2050 be realesed in hdvd or blueray....?? Hum, in the pc scenario, blue ray will certainly win cause it can store more data...(twice more data almost) I...
TOTALLY TRUE....certainly going to get the LG..... Reasons not to have a PS3/HBOX combo: Xbox doesnt have HDMI so NOT BEST PICTURE POSSIBLE PS3: the ugly design compleatly ruins the home theat...hum...OK, you should get a PS3.....if its ok for you to wacth movies in a game machine....it simply doenst feeel right to me....im a movieholic and i need a standalone dedicated movie player... LG is a worldwide wonderful company, but for some reason, not too much apreciated in...
LG is a great company.....my old analog LG TV rocks, and the new slim crt HDTV are awsome.....they made the best hard drive recorder available on the market (500gb, not available in USA) and together with Samsung and Sony are the best maufactures in the homve video department.... I will certainly get this player....i simply CANT wait anymore to enter the HD era, i wish i were more patient to wait for a true hybrid.... By the way, can someone tell me if a blueray or...
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