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While my SEOS-24 center speaker build is progressing slowly but certainly (received the 3 SEOS-24 waveguides this week from Poland, CD tweeter still on order), I am already looking for the three surround speaker kits (Left-Right-Center Back surround). The boxes should ideally be less than 14" wide, hence I think the Alpha -12 Zephyr would be my best option. I also like the fact that it is Designed not only for super high efficiency with a huge dynamic range, but also for...
Soundbars offer nothing more but surrogate surround. Avoid.
RT60 is the time required for reflections of a direct sound to decay 60 dB. What use would RT20 (-20 dB) be?
If he gets it to Auro-3D, then I would be eager to hear it!I do think it will be slightly dead sounding. As fas as I can judge the reverb specs, anything below 2K Hz should not be less than 0.3 seconds. It's over-damped, I think. I would never use room-wide carpet, for starters.
No, I never heard more than stereo 800D"s in a room. Is that relevant? I wasn't saying that it didn't sound good, I was just implying that one judges different if one knows this is a demo room sponsored by the speaker importer. But one only knows this if one knows the who's and what's of that website.If OTOH one spends his/her hard earned cash on 5 or 7 of these, then: respect!BTW, I am as curious as you to see which speakers they will use to go to Auro-3D. The smallest...
It says they are "investigating to implement Auro-3D with certification", so they are not there yet.BTW, this "room" is a spinoff of the website Audiovideo2day.eu which is in fact mainly sponsored by a few brands of which B&W Group Belgium is probably the biggest... So, my guess is nobody payed hard earned cash for the 7 B&W 800D.
It appears then this was no more than a semantic misunderstanding, sorry. I was trying to say this all along.
SOW = LOL The Atmos speakers are only on the side walls if a] The ceiling is very high and b] the lower surrounds are very low.I went to this one in The Netherlands:http://www.htforum.nl/yabbse/index.php?topic=128917.0The heights (AKA Top Surrounds) are hanging from the ceiling.As per Dolby's specs: The Top Surrounds are @ 45° elevation plus half the elevation of the Surrounds. If the Surrounds are @ 20°, then the Top Surrounds are @ 45+20/2=55°. Hence in many private...
Somewhere in their literature, Auro claims their layout has to do with the WAF. If you have room for 5.1, then you have room for their basic Auro-3D 9.1 layout. The speakers from the second layer are right above their respective lower (main) speakers, hence fill the same footprint. High WAF!. After this, you need VOG to close the gap...And let's not forget, even if Atmos only needs two layers, it needs at least the same amount of channels in total. The height speakers are...
  it's vertical. Same height as the screen, BTW.
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