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II've noticed that problem too with my e480i with uncharted as well. I returned it to Amazon for another one. It doesn't do that anymore.
Anyone have a recommended sharpness for the E480i b2? I hear best is 0 for HDTV but I'm not sure.
With the adjustments u just said my picture looks really really nice! Thanks for the settings!
Thanks man. Color 61? Doesn't look too fake colors to you? Or do u like slot of pop?
Would you mind sharing your settings for your 480i Roberto?
thanks alot
If anyone has settings for the 40 or 50 that can be used for my 48 it'd be appreciated maybe it can help my issues? Worth a shot.
E480i b2
I guess I'm the unlucky one.
I do know what I'm talking about. This set definitely has motion blur/judder. When a person simply walks or a slow pan in a movie scene occurs the the subject and background of the film and game blur out to the extent where I see double of a simple "Exit" sign. This may not happen on your 50 inch set but it sure as hell is happening on mine.
New Posts  All Forums: