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Yes its okay, I personally did not like it. The mouse was WAY to small and did not provide multitouch features. It has its own multitouch type stuff which is okay, but i didn't care for it. Myself I prefer using my iphone as a mouse and the BT Keyboard. I love my multitouch functions, and hated going with out them. The DiNovo is a decent enough KB. A bit expensive, but otherwise pretty nice.
Thank you for the information on this forum and for those that had to suffer to make getting our TV's repaired easier. I got the dreaded Shadow on saturday and after find this thread I immediately called samsung. Using the magic words, I was on the phone for 10 minutes and they are repairing my TV. Thank you again all. Mike
8-core Mac Pro is the HTPC I am using, before I get reamed for over kill. I use it for much, much more. But its hooked up to my Sammy 61" DLP, plays beautiful!! All 1080 content I have thrown at it, it has eaten up and pushed just fine. As far as HD-DVD/BD playback I use my PS3 as the BD player. But I tend to Download most of my HD content from Itunes. The hardest part was playing with Switchresx to get the settings correct. That took about three days. But now its...
LOL, well playing Blu-Ray is out of the question at least for the moment. HD content however is plentiful, and having switched from PC Htpc to MacHTPC I am MUCH more pleased with Mac. But hey thats just me.
Yes I am sorry, drugged up on Oxycoton trying to be technical doesn't always work. But I think the message got through
Well its a two sided street. With any TV using a DVI you MIGHT run into possible handshaking issues. Easily fixed however. The RS232 port on the back of your TV cannot handle the refresh rates from you MBP. So your better off with DVI if you want Image quality. I run a MP with a Samsung DLP and have no handshaking issue at all. When I tried to use the RS232 on the back of the TV I ran in jumpy screen because the refresh rate was not matching well with my TV. Try...
Yeah if you want to build a computer that runs like crap, build a Windows machine, otherwise BUY a REAL mac and do some good. There is a reason Mac OS only runs on good equipment. BECAUSE its good equipment. Trust me, you will spend just as much money building that along with the frustration of Hacking it togather than buying a Mac Mini, which will do it out of the box and better than what are thinking of. If you want more power, get a Mac Pro, clearance prices on...
1.Try changing the channel on your wireless to either 1 or 11, if you have other Cordless devises in the house that run at 2.4 it may simply be interference. 2Clarify this a bit more? You are running 720p and you want to go down to 480i? 3. Make sure your share permissions are correct and you have the drive's shared over the network. And you are signed in to both of the machines.
Since nobody has answered I will try giving this a try. First your PS3 does not like our Macs. I have yet to be successful in getting my PS3 to stream from my mac. Hell even when I had a PC HTPC it still wouldn't stream my lossless wma files. Not so bad, since the PS3 actually sounds like crap unless its playing movies. The linksys router is good, I had one until I switched to Airport Extreme. Your best bet would be invest in an ATV or Mac Mini, use that...
I would like see me more Remote apps out there too. I for one would love to see a wireless to IR converter box or software app, something as I too would like to be able to control ALL of my house functions with my Iphone, as well as the HTPC.
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