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I like Skye, Agent Coulson,Agent Melinda May and Mike Peterson. The twins was sometimes annoying and Ward reminds me off Joey of Jersey Shore. It was cool and I will watch a few more episodes but they have to fix the twins
nice setup
I dropped it because my kids or my wife wouldn't watch it. I will say its decent but it should be $5 a month instead of 8
I wonder if this will make people think twice about building an HTPC or buying a Kaleidescape system if you add up the cost.
Gets the mits hc4000 worries over sports looks great
I purchased the HC4000 and couldn't be happier don't know about lcd but the one great benefit of the 4000 besides it's sharp picture is that you don't have to take it down to change the bulb if you keep it that long.
anyone have any settings for blu ray movies on ps3, sports and broadcast hd. I have about 60 hrs on the bulb so far don't know if that means anything. Anything would be highly appreciated.
I just got my mits up and all I can say is wow. I put in the dark knight coming from the ps3 picture was great. In the opening scene it had a touch of frame interpolation to it. I watched a couple of minutes of that and switched to the miami/knicks game,then I switched to the super bowl that I have saved on the dvr all I can say is football is like OMG and basketball for whatever reason can't get like football but I guess because of the glare off the floor and football is...
Now thats a great wife.
Since 720p projectors are easier to make seeing they have cheap prices, then are 720p projectors better made than 1080p projectors
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