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I don't think it really matters. None of these makers make the LCD panels anyways.
I have 3 cars and all of them are used on random basis. For example my Passat is for Spring/Summer/Fall and usually sits for the winter etc. Anyways I would like to be able to move my subwoofer/amp to other cars without doing unscrewing/screwing all the cables. I will obviously prewire all the cars, I guess the question is, are there any kind of quick connects for +/-, remote I can easily unplug/quick connect? TIA
So I finally finished building the box. This thing is HUGE. About 3x the size of my sealed box. It's also HEAVY. I didn't weigh it but it must be at least 40-50lbs. I used an entire 6x4 sheet of MDF 3/4 inch board. I took my time letting the glue set and sealing it on the inside and outside (also letting it cure for over 2 days). I also didn't use a speaker terminal, just drilled a hole > ran a speaker wire thru it and sealed it up with silicone. Just put the speaker...
I ordered it. Thanks everyone, I will keep you posted on results. I'm shooting for 30hz tunning on the ported box.
I sent an email to Kenwood just to confirm. THat amp is really nice. Incredible bank for the buck. 900watts RMS at 2 ohms. THat will be my next amp to go along with the following: http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-TS-W3002D4-Champion-Series-Subwoofer/dp/B001P71I6C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1351948494&sr=8-3&keywords=12%22+pioneer Anyways, so what are my choices as far as subsonic fiters go? Or what options do I have? Would this...
Starting to make sense now.So looking at my amp specs here, does this mean that it has Subsonic filter?High-pass (12 dB per octave) and low-pass (24 dB per octave) filters variable from 50 to 200 HzFromhttp://www.kenwoodusa.com/Car_Entertainment/Amplifiers/KAC-7205Also under Specifications I foundLow Pass Filter Frequency(-12 dB/oct.)50 Hz - 200 Hz (variable) Low-Pass Filter Frequency
The box I was going to build (as per the screenshot) is tuned to 30hz (about).I'm still struggling to understand the entire thing (to be honest). Are you saying that the sub is not good for a ported enclosure or the size of the box is too big. Explain the entire frequency/filter thing to me.....it's hard to understand (sorry I'm not that big of an audiophile)Reading thru this...http://www.decibelcar.com/menuelectro/119.htmlIt seems like that's needed on a sealed box as...
I'm not that anal. Worse thing that can happen is I will blow the sub (which is no big deal, it only cost me 50 bucks and already have done MORE than that over past 2-3 years....and I can always put it in the sealed box. And time it takes to make a ported box is actually quality father/sons project....so that's only a gain value.
I think my head unit has a setting for Bass HZ. I have a Clarion CZ200. So you are saying I don't want the Frequencies to go too low? (below boxes design which as per the screenshot in my original post is about 30hz) But my sub is rated at 34hz so I don't think it can go below that?
See the picture/graph I posted, it's straight from my Sub's manual. It looks like 5db across the entire range.I shouldn't mind that. I like deep/strong bass.I'm willing to trade less subtle detail for louder/stronger bass.Thanks!
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