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Anyone else? :/
Thx, yea I figured just about any decent Tweeter/midrange set up (even bookshelves) will be better than Bose. Any recommendations on Subs? I read that Klipsch Reference RW-12d might be the best choice in 200-300 price range. But wondering if Bic or Velodyne are as good.....and if Polk PSW505 is worth it at 200
I've been using Bose (non Amp) system for over 10 years now and I've been getting itchy fingers lately. I think it's time.... I have a Denon 1609 Receiver which serves my needs very nicely (2 zone) etc. Unfortunately it's a bit underpowered. I was thinking about getting 6ohm speakers to raise the power of the Amp, but those are hard to find (Jamo sales have been scarce lately) So I'm thinking about Polk Audio Monitor 50s (currently on sale for $80 a pop). I already have...
yea I play blu rays, big difference between analog and digital. But no big deal, will just have to click the DTS to enable Digital. We don't watch movies AND use kitchen so that's fine. I tried playing around little more to see if I can enable digital and analog at the same time but no luck.
I have XP Pro SP2 (refuse to go to SP3). When I change the drop down to headphones, I have to uncheck DTS in order for it to work, and other way around. I will try to play around a little more but....That's what I have 690G Gigabyte
Ok so I figured out how to work it. The only thing is, it does Analog to both, can't do Analog to Kitchen and keep living room in digital. I don't think that will be an issue as I will not do both at the same time. When I watch it in living room I will enable DTS for better sound quality. I think my original question still stands, would like to get it to work without switching audio options.
I have a Denon 1609 which supports 2 zone function but I'm unable to play my PC on both zones because Receiver does not support Digital for Zone 2. I tried many different Realtek/Audio setting to get both Analog and digital audio to work to no avail. I'm using XP Pro btw. Question 1 Is there any way to enable both Analog and digital to play at the same time? Question 2 If above is no, is there any Audio cards on the market that will do that? Goal is to...
I just got liteon Blu Ray player for $66 bucks from New Egg. It came with Power DVD software which works great. I get 1080p and Digital Audio working fine (I did have to adjust it in Power DVD software). Also purchased ATI 5450 for $40 bucks JUST incase my 690g chipset would struggle... Worked out great, looks beautiful. As far as ripping and hassles associated with it, I gave up on that back in DVD days. All the stuff I burned I never watched anyways..... Netflix FTW
I just bought a 40" Samsung at Best buy (same one you have listed) and I'm extremely happy with it. It was either 120hz or 4 year warranty, I went with warranty and glad I did. I have a HTPC and just tried it with Bluray last night, no smearing, blurring or ghosting. All effects looked great. Also tried it with my Gaming PC, I mostly play Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 and it is AMAZING. Love it and glad I went with this set.
Hope you have all transactions/receipts. If you do, I would give Sony 1 more call and tell them "if I don't get my answers TODAY, I'm filing a claim in small claim court". If they don't give you answers, do just that. Take them to court for the amount AND court fees (should cost you about $50-100 bucks). I guarantee they will cut you a check SOMEWHERE along the line as it is not worth it for sony to send a lawyer to your area for a BS case.
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