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I got a Westinghouse 32w6 about a month ago and it is great. Play DOD:Source, Red Orchestra, GTR2, Flat Out 2, GTLegends, Total War Medevil 2....etc It is AMAZING for games, no ghosting and I'm 100% happy. Also at $699 you can't beat the price.
Ok so I set it to channel 2 and went down......and I do get some channels at 1080i etc I guess my question is.......is there a way to get Analog channels (2-80) at 720p??? Or they will always be 480i I was able to get 480p thru my DVD player but for some reason my TV will not covert it (or give me an option to do so).
Hello to all Trying to get to the bottom of the whole QAM tuner thing on Westinghouse LCDs. I just got a 32W6 model and I cannot get anything over 480i on it directly thru cable. From what I understand if a TV set has QAM in it....it can actually display 720 or 1080 picture without external devices. If it doesn't it will only display ALL channels in 480i. SO I cannot get my Westy to display in ANYTHING over 480i and I cannot find any settings to adjust that. I...
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