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So how do I create a "Pool" in Flexraid, without starting a configuration? My plan is to create a pool and get my movies/tv shows loaded up in XBMC/MediaPortal and once I get another 3TB drive, I will create a configuration and use it as a parity drive.
Sorry, I did not read your correctly. No I am not using Media center. I use XBMC and Medis Portal to view movies saved on the hard drive.
No, Windows 7 Ultimate.
Ok this tread has gone way out proportion and completely off topic. To end the debate, let me just tell everyone that I bought Flexraid and installed it on my newly built HTPC/Media Server. The only issue I'm currently facing is that I'm unable to create a configuration without assigning a Parity drive. I currently have 3T + 2T and I was hoping to just use that without parity drive. Is that possible with FlexRaid. I only checked for few minutes but did not find the option...
I asked the same question on my thread but did not get an answer but I'm guessing that it should be OK beause FlexRaid runs on top of the OS without making any changes to the drive setup.
Sorry, I meant FlexRaid.
If I do a HTPC/Media Server All in one solution (everything in one box), will I still have an advantage of using FlexRaid?
Saw that thread earlier. What's your hardware configuration and is the XBMC or Plex that you are running there? One more question, do you think that I can get away with a slower processor than the one that I'm planning to use? If so, what one do you recommend?
Oh well, I was planning to get it anyway so no big loss. Anyway, what do you think about my server built? Is my processor powerful enough for my needs?
Since the sale is supposed to end tonight (as mentioned on the site), I went ahead and order the full license. I will get my server hardware on Tuesdays so I still have some time before I get to try it out for myself. By the way, following is the specs of hardware that I ordered for my server. Let me know if it should be good enough to transcode multiple videos simultaneously via Plex Media Server (my main reason for building a server). - Intel Core i3-3225 - LIAN LI...
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