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My Antivirus flagged both executable files as Trojans: “TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen” Not sure if that is a false positive or not. Edit: Per Malwarebytes it is clean. Most likely a false positive from my Avira AV.
@makaveddie81, Do you understand the difference between standard and ISF 10 pt gamma per my previous post?
I think you have a 101FD which will allows ISF settings via KuroControl, but only via Ethernet. That being said, ISF modes only use 10 pt gamma. The non-ISF Gamma 1-5 setting does not apply to ISF modes.
Have you tried using a different USB port? Win7 seems to allow using different drivers for each port for the same device and it will remember the driver-port-device combination.
Click the Editable Data box.Which leads me to request a future enhancement - have a Preference for HCFR to use some default for the 0% reading if the actual reading is null or below the meter's threshold. (It's one of those "I'm too lazy to do it manually requests").
No, I think it is fine the way it is. It just took me until today to realize there is normally no benefit to leave the Confirmation option on when using the View Images generator, so it is simple enough to turn it off in Preferences. And that solves the problem.
It works fine at 350 ms, and at 250 ms if I turn off the Confirmation message, so all is good. I think what was happening is there is a moment after pressing Yes on the Confirm dialog where Windows/HCFR blanks, but the dialog remains on screen with the Red window. I captured it in the attached video frame. 
Okay, I will try increasing it later and let you know the results. It's not really a big deal - I can usually get a good first reading if I move the mostly white confirmation box out from under the probe, and instead have the probe focused on HCFR's blue-gray background before starting the reading.
Zoyd, For the View Images generator, would it be possible to add about a .5 second delay between the display of the first image and the first meter read, especially for any of the primary/secondary/saturation measures? For example, for the Primaries, display the Red image, wait .5 seconds, then measure Red, and then follow with the normal timings for the rest of the color readings. Maybe it is just my display, but sometimes I find my display lags on that first Red reading...
Thanks for that info. After reading your post I found that I can open them in, change the Generator from View Images to DVD Manual, and after saving them they open in without any issue.
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