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Pretty much as I've been saying, confirmed universal player with Realta for 08.
Makes sense, everyone seems to have problems implementing 1.1 and given the price they should get it right the first time. Also, the no comments on DF make perfect sense as since Paramount announced its HD DVD support it appears everyone realizes HD DVD is not going away and that early adopters just aren't as inclined to buy a 2K single format player as they were prior to that but would fall all over themselves, current poster included, to get a Realta, DTS-HD MA...
I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks it's October. Best case is after Thanksgiving if they're still going for this year.
bastards... I'm am SO on this.
bd-java has no relation to 2.0; in fact the press release expressly states 1.0
I hope that means that to recoup costs they'll go DF as this would be a player that I wouldn't hesitate to buy if it could do both formats (BR2.0/HDVD) as I'm already tempted with it being BR only.
I agree with most of the above but the text about the X360 add-on is incorrect. It decodes DD, DD+, THD and DTS. However for more than two channel (it does PCM for that) it reencodes the output to DD or DTS.
I'm pretty sure that's what he said, LOL. Brain melted.
Stop showing your ignorance.
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