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New Image up from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. Paging yankeeman!
What if I'm already white, or white and native American, will I be like thigh under kilt white?
Has anyone read any early reviews on Oculus? Looks like it could go either way but with an R rating I'm leaning optimistic.
Just some cute Chivette that looks like Elsa.KCCO
Why thank you yes, I would love to build a snowman
What a joke! Seriously... rock people and Noah goes Haddonfeild, IL? Noah and the Babylonian Chainsaw Massacre?
Nice! Yes, the transfer is incredible, easily one of the best looking titles I have seen. As for the song I think Idina Menzel (spelling?) rocked it, Demi lavato however sucks, she has neither the power or the range to handle that song and I have no idea why they picked her to do the end credits version. If you want to see an amazing rendition check this out:
I love it when my favorite things come together.
New Posts  All Forums: