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The best way to see a problem with your optical block is by looking through grayscale. Looking for color impurities on color bars or screen is hard. Use apattern that has 100% white, mid-white, gray, mid black, black.
Who was the administrator that was against the gaming forum? I for one agree.
You bought a Dodge SRT-4 with overpriced exhaust and an intake. It keepsoverheating. You get a replacement car. You want to go somewhere. It stilloverheats so you can't use it. Your friends is in the Dodge SRT-4 car club. Sohow great is your IQ if you can get a reliable Honda S2000 with a better engine(Blu-Ray), better gas mileage (Wi-Fi), etc? It IS *blind devotion.*Stupidity
that and a very low IQ.
The more I look at my Sony OLED and Cowon S9 AMOLED the more I hate other displays. So we have 6 years to see 50" OLED for $2500.
I wonder how much of Xbox sales are from RROD members who bought it again. In every 100 people, 46 people will have a working console *yet.
Quit being stupid.
The only damage on the cars I approve is GTA IV. Other than that the rest is very piss poorly done even the damage on the GT5 which of course better than Forza but it's not implemented on all vehicles (speculation).
60GB still dominates. It deserves $600.
I do have an Xbox 360 and I actually do have Foza 2. Go back to my hole...... How old are you? Do you even have your drivers license?
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