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Can't hurt to play games with the orbiter enabled, even if it does decrease the sharpness of the picture somewhat.
It goes beyond that. There's apparently a fair likelihood of consistency between panels from the same batch, but outside of that - all bets are off.
Reston, VA Best Buy has had a few boxed 6020's sitting on the floor for the past few weeks, but they're asking full retail.
There have been 3 6020's rotting on the floor of the Reston, VA Best Buy for the past few weeks, but I figured that had something to do with the fact they're charging something like full retail for them ... ~$4000??
Suteki- you're correct for most people, but some folks really do have an eye for flaws and the flaws really do annoy them to a much greater extent. For instance, it only took D-Nice an instant to notice a color cast in my whites - which after pointing out and comparing to a pure white I could see, but just hadn't noticed until then. Some folks like fake/enhanced colors, others are instantly aghast by it. I own a Pioneer 6070 that's a pre-KURO model and like you said,...
I apparently have one of the 44fl panels, and I believe the build date was Feb 2009. There may be little consistency in the final months of production, as Pioneer was using up whatever stock of panels they had. When I want brighter viewing and don't care about accuracy, I switch over to one of the brighter modes like Standard. I even tweaked it up a bit to brighten up dark areas.
There are a lot of drawbacks to LCD, but the biggest IMO is viewing angle.
Some LCD computer displays are higher resolution, but 1080p is 1080p. Plasmas generally do use dithering in order to reproduce more colors, and that can make the image appear less sharp. LCDs also have a tendency to over-process the image which can result in an false sharper image.
One of the fun parts was while waiting for the Customer Service reps to spin their wheels, and provide any evidence that I shouldn't be reimbursed, I walked out on to the floor and found a salesman who pretty much agreed with my take. What likely saved me is that while DirecTv did have their replacement for the HD-TiVo out, they had switched to a lease program and somehow I eventually managed to convince the Cust Service reps that replacing an owned unit with a leased unit...
BB told me years ago when I bought my HD TiVo that if the unit broke and there wasn't a replacement, they'd just reimburse me the original purchase price in addition to a pro-rated portion of the warranty. That way I could just take the money and buy whatever I wanted with a new warranty if I desired. In reality when my HD TiVo did break, it took me 3 hours to get them to reimburse me the original price and they never reimbursed any portion of the warranty, but I didn't...
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