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You can remove the speaker, and personally I liked how it looked that way, and just plopped my center speaker in the gap (assuming it's not too tall), but you can't lower the TV. You'd have to buy a 60" stand for one of the Pioneers with speakers on the side.
It's all about knowing you'll get those 4-5 years you expect out of the TV and the cost to repair/replace if it does break. That is assuming the warranty company does their job. We tend to take electronics for granted, that if a device can last 90 days, it'll keep on going indefinitely, but bleeding edge electronics are not so reliable and when you spend a lot of hard earned money on an expensive TV, you just want that TV to deliver. You shouldn't feel like you're at...
HDTV Maniac- I have no clue, but I'd be wary judging anything when the network is doing real time video "enhancement" of the feed. I'm talking about things like superimposing the first down markers, and yardage on the field.
D-Nice's offsets are meant for certain production runs of the panel. If your panel wasn't from the same lot that D-Nice used, all bets are off. As for how much of a difference, I'll leave that to someone who's gone through the process.
In other word, it's something only the monitors suffer from? If the non-Monitors default to RGB Limited, do they also handle RGB Full correctly? The issues with the PS3 would just flip flop, if this wasn't the case...
We might start seeing some reviews of the 2010 Panasonics pretty soon, so at this point I'd be tempted to hold off and see how they perform. But if you have no interest in 3D, I'd grab a KRP or an Elite if I could find one at a decent price.
It shouldn't matter as long as the light sources don't interfere with the meter being used. My impression of the process that D-Nice used is that he noted the settings we were already using when watching during the day and at night. He pointed out that we can't actually have an accurate picture without being able to control lighting - but we have skylights, and prefer to watch with a couple of xenon torchieres on a very dim setting. So I believe what he did was take this...
And yet, I'd take a 720p open box Pioneer over a 1080p Westinghouse every time. In other words, 1080p is clearly an improvement, but all things are not equal.
That's why I put "Kuro bug" in quotes, since whether it is a bug (or not) is still being debated. btw, My viewpoint is strictly as the owner of a KRP-600M and a PS3 and IMO the biggest problem in the chain is the fact that the PS3 is streaming videos as RGB Full rather than leaving them as YCbCr Limited (if that's their original format). D-Nice recommended a WDTV to me if I wanted a media streamer that got it right, but I don't stream video so often that it warrants...
The RGB Full setting does not effect YCbCr Ray playback, that's always limited. It only effects the XMB and games (which are encoded in RGB full), and unfortunately streaming video. Because the Kuro's always auto detect RGB Full ("Kuro bug"), the only way to actually use RGB Limited is to fix the Kuro to accept only RGB Limited. It all comes down to what you're hooking up, how you're hooking it up, and what is most important to you.
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