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This may be an EDID override situation. There is a thread on here and Tulli can help solve this, perhaps. The other thing to check is to make sure the HDMI driver you installed is the most recent one-or that it is the one most folks agree is best to use, ie works.
Have you looked at the EDID override thread? It may be fixable using a custom EDID driver. I use one for my Toshiba tv and Onkyo AVR and no longer lose the signal.
Yeah, this is annoying. I don't want to manually re-map all the buttons. The harmony has worked well on all other devices except the Dune. I'm sure that I am not setting up the device correctly. Any light to be shed on this by anyone would be great. Thanks
I have a Harmony One and have tried to set it up to recognize the Dune Smart D1. The power toggle works, and when I set up the Watch Dune as an activity, everything turns on correctly. But, the directional pad does not work at all. In setting up the Dune as a device, I selected "Media Center PC" and then HDI as the manufacturer and input Smart D1 as the model. What did others do? dbone126, I see yours is working, can you walk me through your setup? Thanks.
Is there either an IGP or discrete GPU that, when installed right out of the box, does not have handshake issues with receivers? I have an ATI 4670 and Onkyo 606 moded by an EDID override driver. It's not perfect, the resolution has to be reset each time, but the screen never goes blank. Is there a GPU or IGP that doesn't have these issues? Am I doomed to mod everything with an EDID override? In my view, intel, AMD, and NVidia should focus on resolving this rather than...
Well played, sir. Thank you.
I like the comprehensive nature of the guides you have and appreciate the effort you have undertaken. I'm a lifelong mymovies patron and am interested in media browser. When I got to run BAS Skins manager for the first time, I get an error message, could not create required directory. This is W7SP1 machine with.net4 installed. The box art covers don't show up either when in media browser and the backdrops are there but they are there build a white opaque foreground. Any...
I have abandoned my HTPC after six years and am ready to have a device that does what it's supposed to more often than not. I am interested in Netflix and Vudu streaming and want a player that loads quickly. My question is whether there are aspects of the ps3 that are inferior compared to similarly priced current 2011 blu ray players. Thanks for any help.
This happens to me routinely. I have an ATI 4670 going to an Onkyo 606 and out to my TV. If I minimize and then go into 7MC, its full screen again. But, only 1 out of every 5 times does that work without losing the signal to the HTPC. I have chalked this up to an HDMI handshake issue that is resolveable only by getting an DVI detective or other device. Am I wrong?
That is an awesome reply. Makes a lot of sense to me. Color me convinced.
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