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Right now, TV AZTECA "HD" is showing the Pachuca vs Monterrey game in Stretch-o-Vision!!! I really don't understand what's wrong with these people! They haven't shown a FĂștbol Game in HD, in a really long time, in the Juarez area at least, AND NOW they start the Mexican League Finals by showing a game that isn't in HD!! Joy Progress!!
Today I saw a 16:9 commercial for KFOX News during their 6 o Clock newscast. It didn't look HD to me just widescreen 16:9. Could they be doing the same thing that KTSM did when they were going to start HD News.
It did seem to be in 16:9 to me, I'm not to sure if it was HD though, but it did seem to be the right aspect ratio.
Frank, are you watching on real channel 9 or 16? I saw most of the NBC nightly news yesterday and didn't have any problems. I watch KTSM on real channel 16 only. Are you seeing green or purple lines during the drop outs? If you are seeing these lines, then you could be watching on real channel 9. If you are watching on channel 9 I recommend you watch on channel 16. For me channel 9 seems to mess up with bad weather like rain and wind, but channel 16 still works during bad...
Right now KFOX is showing The Office stretched and with black bars on the top and bottom.
Well according to this link the offer for the world cup games is still available. http://www.sky.com.mx/flat/Boletines.../804396-b.html Also right now I noticed something on TV Azteca 7 HD. It seems like they were showing a movie in HD. I didn't catch the name, but it was about a family that was being attacked by a bunch of lions. The weird thing is that I put the analog channel and it seems that they were showing the movie all squished, everything was too tall, and too...
Speaking of lack of HD, TV Azteca 7 "HD" seems to be completely lacking HD. It seems that they may have canceled their only HD show Info 7 tarde! I've been checking for about a week, and it seems this show isn't airing anymore. instead they're airing cartoons or some other kids shows.
For about the last Week or so Televisa has been showing another Sky HD Commercial, that is for the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Game in HD on April 10th. So I'm assuming that Sky HD Should be available before April 10th. Also searching the internet I Found this:
Well it seems that 14-2 is back in 4:3 now. It's not stretched anymore. I guess it was an error on KFOX's part.
Yes I also noticed that 14-2 is stretched. It seems to me that this might be permanent, because the channel is set to 16:9 or at least that's what it says on my TV. Although it could be an error on KFOX's part.
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