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so has anyone called and got them to honor the upgrade from 20/20 to 35/20? Can anyone tell me what number you called and what you exactly said too? Thanks!
someone has to have an hdmi 360 with a good settings set
can someone provide me a good Xbox360 HDMI settings set(no service menu stuff, just regular my set is perfect) thanks
yeah... I guess the batch that came to the NY/NJ area was pretty good anyone have any help with those settings however?
just want to interrupt the reguarlly scheduled arguing over settings vs an actual problem with the tv...(mine gets used around 30 total hours on weekends and about 3-5 daily and I have had no green tint problems and no black level problems since getting it, I consider my self lucky) but thats not the point.. does anyone have a good base line settings set for the HDMI xbox360? I have one coming today to replace my out of warranty old 360 that finally kicked the bucket
yeah, ive seen it on Direct TV and it looked good enough for me PQ wise on the SPEED HD feed they receive, better than what I look at now They have very little time remaining with me TWC, they better get on it soon
I swear to God, if this 100+ HD channels doesn't include SPEED HD im done, another Nascar season full of practices and post race shows stretched out and pixelated, along with no Formula 1 in HD, No MotoGP in HD, no American Le Mans In HD is a joke If they don't add SPEED HD its gonna be Fios or Direct TV for me... Im thinking Direct TV regardless come February for Nascar Hotpass
any hope of ever getting SPEED HD ever..
Dear Mr. Dibenedetto: I am in receipt of your e-mail requesting the addition of Speed HD to our programming line-up. Although Speed HD was a planned addition in our HD channel offerings we do not have an agreement with Speed HD at this time to broadcast their programming. We hope to conclude negotiations in the near future that permit us to carry Speed HD. I am sorry to hear of your disappointment, but please understand that we cannot add programming...
what is the deal with the lack of SPEED HD can some one help!?
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