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After watching this on my Epson 5010 projector, I don't understand how anyone could say the 3D was underwhelming. I think it's fabulous, and adds enormously to the "being there" effect that the movie aims for. Combined with Cuaron's trademark "seamless" long takes and the very well done digital effects, this is one hell of an experience. The only small negative for me was that some of the physical inaccuracies were hard to swallow. Otherwise, highly recommended.
Even though the 3D release obviously has the same bad filtering as the "Ultimate Hunter Edition", I just couldn't resist ... and I have to say once you get over that, the 3D is actually pretty impressive. Very nice layering in many of the jungle scenes. Masking the complex foliage can't have been easy, but there are surprisingly few errors. Mostly good depth and perspective, and only a few cases of "cardboard cutouts" here and there. I watched this on a 100" FP screen...
Wonder what makes you think that. It's a very good disc.
Well, if you have both who better to compare them? This is clearly true for "Good Bad Ugly", but not so clear-cut for "Few Dollars More". "Fistful" was not released by Mondo. The existing (very good) Italian Blu-rays are by RHV.
I always liked this film. Even though Leone only directed a few scenes (uncredited), the movie clearly has his handwriting all over it. It is also the great Henry Fonda's last western. I recently received the new US "40th anniversary" BD release and decided to make a comparison to the German release. There are some obvious differences: The coloring is quite different, and the US release has a lot of print damage that isn't present on the German release (see e.g. 2nd...
Mine had this sticker too. It's still 48kHz/16-bit on the disc.Not that it bothers me much ... until proven otherwise, I think this "advanced upsampling" is mostly marketing. But I guess we now have an opportunity to compare ourselves if they really issue a replacement disc. Also, I had forgotten what a great movie this is.
The movie is certainly visually impressive, and the 3D is top notch (I watched this on an Epson 5010 projector). Great sense of the proportions too. I would not call it a conversion though, since probably 90% of the movie is CGI and apparently they rendered the graphics in stereo from the start. However, I have to say the movie itself was a bit of a yawn for me. At about the third robot-vs-monster fight I started having trouble staying focused on the movie. It's basically...
Having just seen Elysium, I think you will have to get both. They are quite different movies. While Oblivion is beautiful and atmospheric, Elysium is more focused on action and has a deep subversive undertone, similar to District 9 (but with higher production values).Between these two movies and a few good ones last year, I am quite pleased to see a bit of a resurgence of high-quality science fiction film ...
Agreed, this disc looks pretty stunning (fantastic colors and very good definition, even though there are some minor digital artifacts here and there). The film itself has aged well. And to call Marilyn "easy on the eyes" in this movie is a gross understatement.
Very enjoyable movie. The storyline is somewhat weak and there are some silly plot contrievances, but the visuals and the music make it an impressive experience nonetheless. After the first viewing, you can actually watch this movie without the dialog and sound effects (using the isolated score) without being bored. Excellent video and audio quality too. Get the Best Buy exclusive with the bonus disc if you can, the featurettes are quite interesting.
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