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What an awesome story. She was overwhelmed, what an awesome brother you are!
If you read through this thread several of us have had 1070's and have compared the 131Xe. General consensus is that black level and shadow is better on the 131Xe and color accuracy was better on the BenQ. Pretty much comes down to what is more important to you. I am not RBE sensitive so noticed no rainbows with either projector.
The Epson CR ratings are overblown by the manufacturer. The BenQ and the Optoma have much better shadow detail and black levels and contrast levels.http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-3020-projector-image-quality-2/#black-levels-comparisonLCD has its advantages over DLP, but unless you step up into the $2500-5000 range you are not going to get better black levels. The upcoming BenQ W7500 should give the Epson 5030 a run for it's money in terms of...
Isn't he also the guy who claimed he toured the Ascend factory and did not?OP, speaker opinions are just that. Everyone has one. I would try to demo the speaker yourself and buy what YOU like.That said my opinion is the PSB speakers are the choice I would make, but the Polk's are certainly not a bad choice.
Can you measure the width and height of the screen (not the borders) and post the dimensions here just in case it is the screen. Otherwise I would manually select the 16:9 format in the projector menu and also make sure the projector is perfectly straight and level.
Is that center channel speaker rear ported?
I don't really know what to make of this thread other than that Dennis has always impressed me with his knowledge and help he has provided on this forum for many years. I have never paid him a dime, and he has answered a number of questions I have had. As for Dennis pushing specific products and brands, I kinda get it. There are so many different speaker and projector solutions out there and Dennis most likely does not have experience with the majority of them since...
Amazon also has the $50 gift card on the Optoma projectors. What size screen do you have? I really doubt you will notice much difference between the two projectors.
In-wall speakers are pretty narrow, that said your picture confuses me. How are you going to get a cabinet speaker (in option 2 pic) behind an AT screen? Otherwise you are most likely going to need to compromise on the screen size. You can try to place those towers in the corner before you buy your screen to see how it sounds to you.
Having owned Rti-A8's I would go with the advice above and get the Ascends. They are just a better overall speaker.
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