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Yes, that makes a big difference. Thanks for claryfing. BenQ appears to be 6x whee speedl for 2D I believe:http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/projectors/projectors-reviews/benq-w1070-projector/all-pages.html
Optoma stopped publishing color wheel speed. I can't seem to find it. I thought I read 4x.. I do not see rainbows (neither does my wife) with any of the DLP projectors or TV we have owned so I rarely care about color wheel speed.. But these are budget projectors so 2 or 3x speed would not surprise me.
2X color wheel speed on the Infocus would be a dealbreaker for anyone that can see rainbows, that seems to the big downside with it. I believe the Optoma is 4x and the BenQ 1070 is 6x but I need to confirm.
Specs look very close. Both use a DC3 chip, have similar lumen numbers, etc. Would be a good comparison. Lamp life on the Infocus is crazy good. 6000 hours in Eco mode? Wow.
Haha, I like the way you think Oh and if you are a gamer the lag time of the Optoma is about half that of the Acer. I have not had a chance to take advantage of the better lag time of the Optoma but another plus.
Good luck. Do be aware that it seems many Optoma 131Xe projectors seem to suffer from a lens focus issue. As I mentioned mine has a problem with the extreme right corner. Not sure if I will send it in for repair (Optoma knows about the issue and is fixing them). And hey, if you don't like the Optoma you can just blame me
Depth and contrast is much better with RF vs DLP Link. I was also able to see more detail in the image with RF vs DLP Link. And I am not talking about a slight difference here, it is pretty noticeable. I am not sure if it is my DLP Link glasses or not, so I would really like to hear from more folks who have tested this before people run out and buy emitters and glasses. Doing a quick search I saw someone posted this in the Optoma HD25 thread on DLP Link vs RF with that...
I wanted to post this in a separate post, but I set up the Estar 3D RF Emitter last night on the Optoma 131Xe (it came with a pair of Estar RF 3D glasses as well) and am really surprised with what I found. I used Avatar 3D as the test material, but the eStar RF experience was clearly superior to the DLP Link experience.... The details: - Optoma 131Xe testing 3D using both DLPLink (IR) and Versa 3D (RF) with Avatar 3D as source material - Estar 3D RF glasses:...
I tried to take some pictures last night using my iPhone of the Optoma vs BenQ, but it was a lost cause. Maybe it is me, but I am just not able to really get good pics that show the issues and differences. Need to buy a real camera one of these days On my Optoma, everything is focused really well except in the extreme right corner when you are facing the screen. The image there, when projecting text, is softer than other areas of the screen. Keep in mind we are talking...
Vnet, great questions:- Black level is hard to say. With the iris enabled on the Acer, I would say it is close, but I found the iris distracting on anything but low or off on the Acer so I ended up turning it off most of the time. So I would say the Optoma is superior. I cannot compare them directly because my Acer died on me. That said, I used the Acer for over two years almost daily I would say the Acer and the BenQ are very close in terms of black level...
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