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ok so just tested out my theory on flight plan, and it is still quite bad, but that is a pretty etreme test as its full of dark area's with very bright lights.
As i wrote above, these yellow trails have been dring me nuts. Im not sure yet as its only been a day, but i'v been off work with the flu and i didn't notice any trails. I thought maybe its because its a bright day outside, but then i tried it in a darkened room and still very little signs of any trails. So i thought what else is differant and i worked out that because i was ill i was just staring at the middle of the screen like a zombie, which is probably what you...
Hi, iv got a panasonic 42"px60. Im having a real problem with the rainbow, trailing effect. On certain programs it is very bad with a yellow/green effect followig movement on certain areas. Even on programs were it isnt as bad, if i start moving my eyes left and right i see it. Now i have read most of the comments on here, so i guess my question is... .....is this definatly just down to my own eyes reacting with the plasma. The reason i say this is i have had the tv...
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