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Ok, I just got done watching the episode "Countermeasures" and I have NO idea what the whole point of the coin in the episode is. At the end, he says something like "you planted the coin to tell him where to find me" or something...WTF? Any explanations would be much appreciated, I'm pretty annoyed. I feel like I'm an idiot.
Every time you raise it by a numbered increment, does it just raise it by a certain # of dbs? Thanks, trying to figure something out!
Get the Submersive. That way you won't be "what ifing" your decision, youll have one of the best subs you can buy (within a reasonable price), and you wont have to upgrade.
Continue your servo/rythmik discussion in my servo thread.
i had the same problem, but WITH a BR...i think it's my room or more likely the placement of my sub.
Pretty crappy movie story wise, good sound, and pretty sweet action. Kate beckinsale (sp) is hot.
Since I'm still trying to figure out why so few companies use servos besides Rythmik...i'd like to ask how that factors in here. The FV15 is the only one that has a servo; wouldnt that give it an inherent advantage since neither of the other 2 have it?
Haha, yeah, that's why I said I'd rather have it be my room than my sub. At least I could possibly find a better spot by moving it around, but if its the sub im SOL.
Pretty close call. I have heard of some issues about Epik amps, but I can't say from first hand experience. Ask about it in the Epik thread. I love the way the EX/Plus look though.
Just 1.
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