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Neat-o! I know nothing about this particular alignment, but it looks pretty unique, and I'm glad you're happy with the performance.
Man, I've been lurking on this forum for years, and I still feel out of my league
I spent roughly $450 for the pair. I bought the less expensive driver, so saved some there. I've really been enjoying them. One of these days, I'll be building one for center channel duty. Just waiting to get budgets all situated. If you go to the trouble of building them, (and they are a lot of trouble, no doubt,) and you have access to some form of EQ, they are incredible bang-for-the-buck speakers for music or movies
Wow, that's pretty cool! Gonna keep an eye on this one.
My DR200's have been a pleasure to listen to so far. So far I like them for movies, and love them for music. I've noticed that during the louder scenes on movies that the dialog seems to get a bit difficult to hear. Not sure whether or not it's the lack of a center channel, or poor room acoustics. I'm guessing acoustics. Overall they sound really good. I think with some room treatments and some tweaking they will sound amazing. I did try playing the Mass Effect 3 demo for...
MK, Any luck with some measurements following maxmercy's instructions? I've got no.2 finished, and I'm looking for the best way to place them. Did you have yours with a toe-in, or not?
I'm pretty sure the vents will play very little role in sharing bass with the neighbors. I know that I've read several posts in the past from IB users that claimed the subs were not offensive to nearby neighbors. I believe that the sound at the frequencies your subs will be dealing with won't be able to tell much of a difference between vent or no vent....I could be wrong though....
I think the IB3's from Fi are still considered the best bang for buck generally. I have a 4 driver IB with some used Dayton 15" IB drivers that I got off the 'Bay for about $50 or $60 a piece if I remember correctly. There are ways to do it if you shop around, just don't expect the same performance as the big boys. How big is the room you're setting it up in?
So, is it better to do the triangle thing, or build a panel that has some air space behind it? I've seen both ways, and am wondering if there's an advantage one way or the other. Also, I was under the impression that for the corner traps it was more effective to stack them loosely instead of compressing them, even going so far as to add supports every few feet to keep the bottom layers from getting too compressed. Anyone have any light to shed on the matter? I'm planning...
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