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I think they carry coasters at michaels. They arent as nice as that, but were really cheap.
Or coconut oil.
Steve I just wanted to say thanks for the disc. It turned out awesome, and it was super fast shipping. I paid on October 28th and got my disc on the 1st. The LFE movie with the ships sounded insane. That was my first clip and I thought there were cannon balls going through my theater. Thanks again. If you guys are downloading drop Steve a few bucks for all his hard work. I have been waiting forever for a good quality demo disc to show off my ht. If you on the fence about...
Thats pretty cool. What do you use to control that?
I would have no problem using theater chairs in a none theater room as long as the colors matched. I love the comfort and the look.
Thanks for the tip. It's not coming until Monday so I will mess with it then. I got the cup holder mount in and it works perfect. Thanks again for that.
I just ordered the Hot Link from Amazon today so it should arrive Saturday or Monday. Thankfully before I finished my room I ran an hdmi, component, cat5, and a cat6 cable to the projector so I hope I can use the cat5 to blast the projector with ir. So I just cut the emitter and splice my cat5 in? I guess I will see once it comes in, but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to splice it. Are the emitter wires set up the same way as a cat 5 cable or is it different?
I just ordered Scubas disc today. I've been waiting for a disc for a long time.
Thanks, just ordered it. Sometimes my remote turns my pj on and other times it won't unless I point it right at it. I will keep messing with my stuff and see if I can get it working a little better.
I just picked up the 1100 from Best Buy. They price matched newegg.com for $299 so i'm pretty happy. I also got the bt adapter for the ps3. Does anyone know if they make a cup holder mount for ht seats?
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