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If you're buying it for your son, then get a wii. If its for yourself, then get something else. I bought a wii on launch and am disappointed with it. Graphics are terrible, and every game is made for kids. Mine is modded so ive downloaded a ton of games and havent found a good one yet. Zelda was boring after about 2 hours, and metroid was even worse. Im hoping they bring something good, because mine collects dust.
ps3 to receiver via hdmi. receiver to tv via hdmi. Your new receiver should have an hdmi in, and an hdmi out.
I just picked up a carrom bubble hockey table from fleabay for $450 used. Its normally a $1200 table. I could not be happier with it.
Heres a question for you guys. How do you wire them to the receiver? I will be buying two of them for my couch, and also buying an amp for them. What cable connects the amp to the receiver? I have one sub output on my receiver and already have two subs running from it via a splitter. Does that get split again and run an rca cable to the amp? Sorry for the newb questions, but Ive never dealt with these before.
I thought drylok is for cinderblock foundations only? I read it shouldnt be used on a poured foundation.
monoprice or bluejeanscables Ive bought a few things from monoproce and couldnt be happier.
Ill take it if you want to part with it still. Im in Clinton twp. I can come by this weekend. btw the theatre looks great.
That tile floor is beautiful. That would look great in my kitchen.
I think it really dpeends where you live. I can get carpet for as low as $4 per yard, up to $100 per yard. A good quality carpet will run me $15-$25 per yard. The cheaper stuff is good for flipping houses. I buy from a distributing center. The cheapest berber they have is $5.50 per yard, and goes up from there. They sell an 8lb pad for less than $2.00 per yard. I have a carpet guy that installs for $4 per yard for carpet/pad, and he does excellent work. Sounds to me like...
Thanks for the advice guys. I have no idea what screen door is, I will google it right now. Im going to offer this guy a little lower and see what he says. Thanks again for the help.
New Posts  All Forums: