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Let me start by saying I liked the movie, it had some weaknesses but generally the wife and I enjoyed it quite a bit. We watched a VUDU rental last night since the Netflix/Redbox Blu-ray rental will not be available until May 13, 2014. I had seen the trailer but didn't know if it was going to be good enough to purchase the Blu-ray. Ben Stiller acts and directs. Perhaps it was the cinematography but I thought Stiller did a fine job with this film including the setup and...
We are paying for standard internet with Time Warner Roadrunner 15/1 with Turbo-boost. Don't really foresee a need for anything faster in my immediate future. 1080p is more than sufficient with my current equipment which includes a front projection system. Watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty streaming off VUDU last night and it looked very nice at 9 Mbps.
I recall reading an article a few months ago that estimated that Hulu+ gets 59% of its revenue from ads and 41% from subscription fees. Hulu doubles down on dual revenue model. Last year there was some speculation that Hulu+ would develop a two tier plan - the current one plus another ad-free plan with an undetermined fee - but this has developed little or no traction.
From Panasonic website:
Always check your specs before buying, keeps surprises to a minimum.Audible Noise: 37.0 dBEco-Mode: 29.0 dBhttp://www.projectorcentral.com/Epson-PowerLite_Home_Cinema_2030.htmEpson 8350Audible Noise: 28.0 dBEco-Mode: 22.0 dB
With the ending of the rebate on September 30, 2014 it does make one suspect a new offering for a October release is in the works.Or perhaps they are dumping projectors altogether just like they stopped producing plasma HDTV's. Mitsubishi's exit is a notable example.
O'Reilly still not done with going after Colbert. Take from this what you will. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/15/oreilly-colbert-conservatives-late-show-letterman_n_5152004.html
Nope. The closest Jack in the Box is 239 miles away in Indiana, the stores are only located in 13 states. Chipolte has a limited presence in my area but there are a few stores 16+ miles away so I've never seen one of their ads.Watched a few shows last night and remembered there are food commercials - for Blue cat and dog food. The ads I do see are heavy on vehicles - Cadillac, Lexus, GMC, Toyota, Ford, Fiat and etc. I do see an occasional Starbucks commercial.The limited...
Bill, thanks for the review. I haven't seen this in a while and I should probably revisit. I can't imagine this movie without Warren Oates, I've always enjoyed his off-kilter twitchy style.
Avengers is stereo on Netflix at the moment. Try Olympus Has Fallen which is 5.1 sound.
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