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The VUDU Player app is by far the best for my older first generation iPad. I am also registered with CinemaNow but their app on my iPad only showed 50 of my titles, not sure why. But it did give me the option to play or download in SD.I could not install either the Target Ticket or M-GO app because the OS on my iPad is too old.
This question has been asked many times before in the regular 4000 thread. The answer is evidently no. Image processing message continued into the AE7000 model.
That's pretty catchy. Did you coin this term?
Looks interesting, thanks.http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/snowpiercer/
Not sure about your previous experience - are we talking about downloads on the iPad? I almost always use VUDU to redeem my Blu-ray codes so my experience with Flixster is very limited.I recently joined the Target Ticket streaming service. The 10 free HD movies I was given for joining all showed up in my VUDU account as well. My iPad shows that even these movies are available for download...in addition to the 82 titles I had already.
No, there is no monthly charge with any of these streaming services. They provide you access to your UV titles in the hope that you will buy an occasional movie or TV show from them but there is no requirement to do so.
The ATV3 is an excellent streamer, I own one. I also own the Roku 3 which is also excellent. If you purchase or redeem movie codes with Apple those movies will stream with 5.1 sound. As mentioned earlier the current problem is the interface between Netflix and the ATV3 which will be fixed sometime in the future. Why you were having PQ streaming problems with the ATV3 is not clear but since you don't own it anymore it's not important.
Provantage is a respected dealer.http://www.provantage.com/optoma-bl-fu185a~7OPTO0KL.htmOr you can buy straight from Optoma.http://www.optomausa.com/products/detail/BL-FU185A
Unfortunately Amazon is not part of the UV coalition. There is an Amazon app for downloading movies you purchase or rent from them.Best Buy owns CinemaNow and there is an app for the iPad.All of these UV streaming services be it VUDU, CinemaNow, Target Ticket, M-GO require you to set up an account. There is no charge for signing up however they require a credit card to be on file. Not sure about Flixster though.VUDU currently has a sign-up promotion, 5 free HDX movies from...
Assuming you have a VUDU account, install the VUDU player app on your iPad. Log into your VUDU account on your iPad and you will see the DOWNLOAD option for all of your UV movies.I just downloaded ID4 (which is around 2 hours and 24 minutes long) from my VUDU account, download took about 20 minutes. File size was 700+ MB in size. Definition is SD but looks good on iPad screen. I have TWC Roadrunner 15/1.I only have the 16 GB first generation iPad so I don't download much...
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