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I think of Hulu+ as more of a DVR service that keeps a maximum of 4-5 shows before deleting the oldest episode. Yes it does have movies, Criterion collection and original programing but I access these a lot less than just keeping up with current shows. It doesn't have all of the cable channel shows like A&E, AMC, etc., but you can pick those up on Amazon Instant Video. It seems that eventually everything ends up on Netflix anyway. The first season of Longmire (recently...
I didn't mean to dissuade you from buying the WD My Cloud, it's the heir apparent to the older MBL. I was just passing on my experience with a WD NAS. However I should add everything is connected via ethernet cable, no wireless involved. Even the computer in an upstairs bedroom is connected with a Netgear Powerline 500 adapter. My Buffalo router is an older model and is not gigabit capable so it can take 5-10 minutes to move a typical DVD file from computer to NAS.
I can't comment directly on either of these NAS products but I purchased the WD My Book Live (2 TB) just before the My Cloud product was introduced. I wanted something to store my DVD's on (movies which aren't out on Blu-ray yet) and I didn't want to have my upstairs computer on constantly. Connecting the My Book Live (MBL) to my router couldn't have been simpler, the network saw it right away. There are different folders to store movies, music, pictures and data so it has...
Thanks for sharing your views. I agree it's an interesting mix of fantasy and reality, for me it's always been heavier on the fantasy side, an alternate world if you will. I haven't finished the series yet, I'm about half way through the 25 episodes.Attack on Titan will be the highlight at the Anime Boston festival (March 21-23, 2014) where they will be premiering the English dub of the show. Great for people who don't like reading subtitles. It's interesting how fans in...
An unstable arc in the lamp -- which is more likely the source of your problem -- can sometimes be rectified by simply running your projector in its "high power" mode for about two hours. This is assuming, of course, that you normally utilize the lower mode in order to conserve bulb life.
You may want to try your question in the Official Owners' Thread, Panasonic PT-AE8000U (US version) PT-AT6000E (European version)
As you can see from the other post here you can pick up an open-box at Solid Signal for $259.A large screen like yours begs for this device. I've got a 120" (16:9) screen with the AR100U and the difference it makes is not subtle, it's quite noticeable. Wouldn't be without it.
This is probably a good thread to make people aware of a Japanese anime show that has been getting a lot of attention lately and which I've gotten hooked on - Attack on Titan. It's streaming on Funimation, Netflix, Hulu+ and Crunchyroll. It's rated TV MA. Here is a YouTube review that does a good job of describing the show. http://youtu.be/LL0By_G7lBM If you are looking for something different give this show a chance. Recommended.
Initially I was under the impression you had the WDTV Live (3rd generation) with the latest firmware. Now I assume you've got the first generation which is significantly different. I own both. There is always confusion on the WDTV models because the company chose to use the same name for two different models. Go figure.
I'm not sure what your equipment problem is but I tested Netflix last night with my WDTV Live. Changed the setting on the WDTV Live to 1080 24p. Went to Netflix and played two shows. First was the Japanese anime Attack on Titan, second was the The Avengers movie. Both my Panasonic plasma and front projector acknowledged the programs were streaming at 1080 24p.I don't usually use the WDTV Live for Netflix but when I do I have no problem watching content with the original...
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