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Since all your other questions have been covered by someone else, I'll take this one.I rip my 3DBDs in 3D, but I don't usually play them in 3D. I name the .mkv files without the 3D tags so they normally start in 2D. If I want to watch in 3D, I start the movie playing, bring up the menu and select 3Dsbs (3Dtab works as well) which then switches both the Mede8er and my TV into 3D mode. Simple and works quite well.Fred
I didn't even see those tabs at the bottom. Thanks
I just started using this topic after being redirected from another on these boards. When bringing up the google sheet from the link in the first post, I only see six titles. Is this right?
How does the new wish list function work? What happens when I select reserve on a title in my wish list?Cheers
I know a few people have brought up the idea of having a queue for users to keep track of titles they would want. While I would also like to see this implemented, I understand it is probably a bigger programming change than you would like to make. I would be happy if I could see a listing in my account of all titles I currently have waiting or outstanding. Something similar to what the emails look like but visible on the user account page. Thanks, Fred
To avoid having to keep typing long path names, I do this. Put the eac3to.exe file somewhere in your path. "C:\" should probably work. Then create a folder in win explorer for the ripped blu-ray files. After creating your folder, shift + right click on the folder and select 'Open Command Window Here' from the menu that pops up. You can then enter your command for eac3to without having to worry about paths or folder names. All files will end up in the folder you...
Glad you found that. I rip with the 64 bit version myself.Someone should probably go to the MakeMKV forums and bring this issue up. If it doesn't happen in the next couple of days, I'll set up some test scenarios and share what I come up with.Cheers
I just played through ~20 minutes each of Coraline 3D and Epic 3D with perfect audio sync using VLC to play in 2D. Are you ripping from a disc, or from an .ISO file?
Hmmm... I pretty regularly play all of my rips, both 2D and 3D, on my PC using VLC and haven't ever encountered an audio sync issue. I don't remember the last time I played a 3D video though. I'll have to give it a try when I get home from work tonight.
Just out of curiosity... What BDs have given you problems with MakeMKV? I've ripped around 300 of my BDs and have watched a good chunk of them. I've never seen any issues with any of them. I'd like to try a disc that's a known issue.Cheers
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