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Dark Side of the Moon
Thank you
hey guys I picked this up at Best Buy for $179 yesterday at the Brick NJ store. I'll set it up this weekend to see about the different quirks I've seen mentioned. Before I open it and to try and avoid the BB return hassle if I decide these are deal breakers (most likely not) I have two questions in a previous post in this thread someone mentioned he couldn't FF tracks on a cd. it's this a hardware bug for all of the players or just one individual bug. second, a ...
I missed these when they were $199.99. I just grabbed this in Brick NJ as you stated new for $179.98. Thanks for the heads up
if your external drive is large enough just drag the bdmv folder into multiAVCHD as SuperLeo said. You will get the full experience with menus
I was typing as SuperLeo posted but here is what I have found outAs Blu_One said the m2ts does contain audio and video. I have been able to replicate your problem and I believe it might be because the PS3 will not read the HD audio from the m2ts file. I have tried file 21 as you mentioned which is Dolby True HD and file 24 which is DTS HD. Neither work.I tried downconverting with tsmuxer as mentioned in post 2 here http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=16808...
I was just kidding about the AVR display but I am curious why the Dolby trueHD has problems.I realize the original intent of these demo discs (superleo/scubasteve,jindrak) is to burn to a physical disc but I don't have a burner so I would like to put all of them on one external drive. From what I can tell the PS3 would only read the first partition on my drive so I cant even make a separate FAT32 partition for each one. Do you know of any way I can accomplish this?Thank you
Hey guys, Is there any other workaround other than changing my PS3 from bitstream to LPCM for the Dolby trueHD tracks ? I like when the AVR displays the codec Also, I was wondering how I get all the discs to be available on my flash drive at the same time if I can only have one folder named AVCHD. Thanks so much. This stuff is awesome
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