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Buuuahahahahahaa Now if that isn't redneck ingenuity I don't know what is! LOLYa I'll pass on that.But thanks so much bro for the link ... I'll toss it around if it every gets bad enough.
It's not horrible just not great is all.Nothing like a normal Vizio TV's IR sensor like I had before.
Is there anyway to make my IR remote work better? I do not use the supplied Vizio remote. I think I had read back many many months ago someone found a process to make an IR remote work better on this TV Anyone know if this possible?
So is this an new issue with the 1.09 update? I have no clue when that update went into effect at all (been off the forum for a while) ... but I happen to notice this started a few odd weeks back.So I guess this 1.09 update seem to be basically pure $#!t huh???Plus is there a way to my TV's remote better with my IR Universal Remote and also my RF/IR TiVo remote? I have dealt with this junk tv's remote for to long ... and I do not use the basic included Vizio remote at all...
QUESTION: I have the 70" M-Series and all the sudden the last couple weeks when I turn my TV on it takes A Lot Longer for it read the input (even pops up the no signal box for a second) ... and then when it pops up with a picture there is no sound for another second or so, then after that it's good to go!?!?!?! ... Thoughts? On this input I am running my normal like always TiVo Roamio DVR. I have never had this issue since I have owned it ... there has not been any lag...
There is no limit but most guys try not abuse that luxury as one day it may be taken away from us due to to many returns etc. or abuse of the awesome Costco policies.But hey if something else comes out that is new and you are within your 90 days then there is no way someone will make me keep a tv on principal when I have the option to upgrade to a newer model if it is far superior then the current one I would own.There is no limit to reruns at Costco but try to find one...
No ^^^THIS^^^ is what's wrong with this forum!!!Let's stop the stupidity here people.If you have Nothing to contribute here take your pointless replies elsewhere.
Ya I doubt that will happen at all.They will not release the P-Series before the M-Series in my opinion ... The prices are SO close that the sales on the M would suffer if the P series was out at the same time.I think you could expect to maybe see the M-Series by then but I do not expect to see the P-Series till around end of summer then the R in the fall.Vizio is BAD with their release dates and getting new TV's out in a timely fashion ... but I think we will be seeing...
He's not "Giving Advice"!!!He is simply "stating" his thoughts on what HE thinks about Edge-Lit technology and how HE feels after owning one is all.Let's not get ridiculous in our replies here people. Let's stay on point here people!!!!!!
Interesting ... I think we will not know anything for sure till the M-Series is released. Either way I love seeing Vizio taking the lead this year!
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