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I am in need for some floor standers that have good bass response for the mid bass area. I want that punch in your face kinda of feel. Room is about 10 x 19 x 8ft. I am currently thinking of jbl setup for 700 plus shipping. I have heard Jbl es90 but i find the mid bass is to much. Any other speakers you recommend for 1K?. This will be 100% movie watching 2 % music. *sorry,ignore or subwoofer in title*.
Hey guy's, i'm getting paid this friday,i worked a little over time over this past two weeks from my job where i work. Currently i own all hsu research speakers,but i'am not replacing my vtf-15 any time soon.
Uh oh,you must have a waf. I see plants. ;P
Looks great. But i do agree,a bigger sub will do more performance in a room like that, maybe a 12" or 15" will do fine. Enjoy your theater. Hsu vtf-15 Sv Sound etc.
lol yep,i totally agree about the plants.
I would like to show off my uncles music / home theater setup. Yep,it's in his living room and he's "waf" doesn't mind at all. The audio rack u see in the corner of the back room is some of his gear that he got long time ago. Receiver is for music only Sony amp older str model audio source needle and Kenwood turn table Sony cd player Optimus 10 band equalizer Speakrs Marantz 2 way. 8" woofer 2" tweeter 1975 vintage solid wood and they still sound great even with our...
How u like them jbl's? i some people say they put to much "mid" bass out. Great setup! love red.
hsu sub don't hit that well with bookshelf speakers, not enough punch. Shh,don't tell pete,i upgraded to some jbl's and now my sub kicks with mid bass. Agree with op,hsu subs are great but stick with full range speakers.
Gonna go see it this week, hope our local amc doesn't let me down. They alway's had good bass in there cinema. But no popcorn money from me!.
Nice setup. I totally are very clean. I never own monitors before,but i bet they sound great. Enjoy your movies.
New Posts  All Forums: