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I have a PS3 coupled with a sony str-dg1000. The receiver identifies the frequency on its display. I can verify that it plays multichannel SACDs at 176.4/24.
First, thanks for the channel listing. What I'm still struggling with is how I can watch other people's VOD. I live in a condo - does that mean I can watch VOD from other people in my BUILDING? Or my NEIGHBORHOOD? I believe you, I just can't quite grasp how that's possible. Do I have to watch it at the same time as whomever ordered VOD, or do I have access for the same 24 period? I'm sure this has all been addressed, but I've already spent 3 hours on the old thread...
Charter has promised me the latest and greatest brand spanking new box. So I assume that's the 3416. And yes, the TV has a QAM/ASTC tuner. What I was hoping to achieve was basically 2 complete and seperate digital tuners so that I could really use PIP (instead of only partial when you use a box and run a seperate cable into a TV WITHOUT a QAM tuner.) I'm getting all kinds of interesting replies here. I'll post on Friday after I've experimented.
Are you talking about PPV porn or the softcore stuff on Cinemax and such? I live with a chick who loves porn, go figure. She'll flip if it's the good stuff. I'll act like I worked some sort of magic in order to have "le grande" favor to call in at some point.
that you're joking about the porn. I'll never be able to get rid of my classmates.
Thanks. I already have the antenna, I've planned this out and was not intending to get a new box from Charter. I only found out today that the HD DVR was available, which got me all excited about the possibilities. I'll be experimenting like crazy anyway, I just wanted to know it wouldn't be a fool's errand. I appreciate the help. Sean
OK. I'm brand new to this, and I'm trying to figure something out. I expect to have a HD plasma delivered tomorrow and the new Charter HD DVR on Friday. So here's the situation: the new TV has a QAM tuner and when I was on the phone with Charter, the lady went through all of the HD channels I was entitled to (since I already subscribed to almost all of the premium channels) and "enabled" them so I would be ready to go when I get the box. So does this mean that I...
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