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Anyone with the HD33 experience and red screen flashes? Every so often I see flashes of red, sometimes it fills up the entire screen. Could this be an HDMI issue or something with the PJ? Also before it happens, I see what I can only describe as little strips of "static". Like when a channel is out, but it doesn't fill up the whole screen, just a dash. Any thoughts? I could warranty my PJ but I just got the darn thing so I don't want to send it in this quick but I...
I will test it out. Thanks for all the feedback. It still looks great, I'm not complaining, but I learned my lesson, next time use a ladder first .
While I'm here, can anyone help me out? I just got the Optoma HD33 for my first ever PJ and I love it! The only issue is that I used the PJ calc and with a 106" 16X9 screen with a 12'7" throw, I should be right in the "sweet spot" as far as picture goes. Problem is at those distances I don't fill up the screen. Even with full zoom. Not the biggest issue because I come close but still, not sure if the unit is defective somehow or maybe I don't understand the calc. ...
Ummm, sure. I'll take one. It'll go great with the HD33 I just purchased.
One last question. Looking at the projector calc, does the hd33 have to be at least 8.3 inches above the screen or no more than 8.3 inches above the screen? (106" screen ceiling mounted)
Thanks for the tip. I was looking at the Optima HD33 and the Panny 7000. Not sure if I want to spend the extra $$$. I can move the couch closer to the screen, that is not a problem. I am most interested in a 2.35:1 screen. I just think it will be easier to mask the sides then the bottom and top of the screen. I just think it will be easier to mask the sides then the bottom and top of the screen. I think I can manage a 103" electric screen in the space provided. ...
You just broke my heart. Waiting to get my PJ and screen to see the movie on 2:35...... I'm gonna go cry now.
Anybody? I have almost complete light control and looking for a good PJ? I have tried to read all the info, but can't wrap my head around whether or not this PJ will work for me. After reading more, I don't think I should choose it.
My basement is approximately 40' X 25' with a soffit that runs the whole 40 ' down the middle. On one side, 120" from the soffit to the wall, I will have my HT setup. My seating will be approx 12-14 ft. from screen adn I am looking for a PJ that will work well with this screen Elite Screens DTE97C78H Osprey Tensioned Dual Screen (97-Inch 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio) + (78-Inch 16:9 Aspect Ratio). I mostly watch movies and think I would enjoy a dual screen setup like this. This...
Awesome, I'll look into that. Thanks for the idea!
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