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Blech! I know why Blue-Underground is putting out stuff like this and NEW YORK RIPPER ($$$), but I gotta say I'm a lot more excited about THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE.
Ah, but if he doesn't break the shrink and this turns out to be some weird anomaly then it's value could easily be..... dammit! just open the freakin thing!
Would someone just open the dam thing already?
I'm probably just gonna get the Target set because I like the looks of it out of the three options, I don't like Wal*Mart, and it's dawned on me that I'm spending way too much time worrying about $15, in either direction.
It looks like the Target box is the disk-box within the Warner box from some of the photos I've seen of the deluxe versions contents. My guess is that's what you'll get for your $35.If Warner allows one of it's 20% coupons to be applied to the gift set after the street date, it's price could be as low as $40, providing it stays at the $51 it lists for on their sight. I never wanted all that stuff but for an extra $5 ??? I could always give the watch and book to my nephew...
It's not particularly right either, there were a lot of fast single-strip color film-stocks used in the late 60's-early 80's that have more inherent grain than a 35mm technicolor separation from the 30's would produce. What Warner has given us is the most pains-takingly accurate transfer that the best surviving elements could produce. I'm all for it.
[quote=16x9enhanced;17236985]No, the Blu-ray has both the FOX Movietone version and the shorter Czech version. The Czech version is a big bump in picture quality. It's shorter but I'm not sure if it's a shorter edit or if it's actually missing footage.
It was common for alternate takes (sometimes simultaneously) to be shot for European edits, they were usually the least preferred of the various camera set-ups. The version of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA were most familiar with is actually the 1929 reissue using many alternate set-ups, because Universal had done too much damage to the original 1925 edit by then.
I just was not sure if all the disks in the 3-disk Brit set are blu-rays. it's not unheard of to schlep some extras off on DVDs. How does standard-def work on BD? Is it still BD format just not BD resolution? Is it pre-upconverted?
Is there any reason to not just pick up the British release if you want to avoid all the crap and just get the disks? Are any of the 3 disks either in the US or Brit release DVDs? I'd be all for the British release unless the extras are PAL.
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