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Maniac's eventual release is almost a certainty as Bill Lustig who basically owns Blue Underground made that film. I'm hoping for DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, & SUSPIRIA out of them eventually too.
Cool news for fans of Euro-horror titles, Blue Underground is continuing to bring select cult horror to HD. Coming this fall they will be issuing Lucio Fulci's NEW YORK RIPPER (9/29/09) and Jorge Grau's THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE (10/27/09) to BD. The latter is one of the best post-NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD zombie films out there, and still packs quite a punch.
I was including you in my 97% estimate
What I'm getting out of 97% of the posts devoted to this here and in other forums is that most people prefer the original cut, or at the very least feel they should get the option. What's galling about this is that either Warner has it's hands tied contractually, or they are simply arranging for future dipping on this title, both scenarios are not very customer-friendly. For what it's worth I wrote Warner a polite letter, others may want to as well, it has a better chance...
Then perhaps they oughta have the nuts to provide us with both and let us choose which we find superior. If I think the new revision hinders the film, I'm certainly not wrong for me, and the only thing the films maker does by not giving me an option at all is to insure one less viewer/buyer of his work, period. I didn't buy the stupid redo of THE WARRIORS on Blu-ray because I thought the new cut with faux comic panels was a terrible misfire. Warner is just going to make...
terrible indeed, why, make it stop!
That's coming on the third from VCI.
Aww, I want LEMORA!
I'll go out on a limb and say, I think were seeing the last movie-on-disk format right now, and that holographic disk will not be groomed for packaged home video. Why? Simply because 500 GB is overkill for current HD application. Studios don't like appearance of giving minimal added value for-more money, and IMO people will see it as a solution looking for a problem. That's already the uphill battle for BD penetration. Likewise studios really hate giving more for less,...
When it comes out it will be via Disney. If nobody has figured this out yet, Criterion occasionally gets short-term contracts on big-name movies, and once those DVDs fall out-of-print, and their studios of origin retrieve and release their versions, they almost never come out via Criterion again. Silence Of The Lambs, Robocop, Armageddon, Notorious... are not likely to be under their moniker again.
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