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nope, my DVDs run longer. they will hold me til they cough up the versions they know we want.
That sorta thing sounds inherent to the source and not the transfer. People may not have noticed this before, but not every low budget horror and action film is made with exacting care by perfectionists.
interesting about the tweaked photos, sent them to Paramount. It astonishes me that Warner figures out you gotta tighten the overlap for better 3-D video performance, and nobody else responsible for preparing subsequent films pays attention (or coughs up the $).
digital bits is now saying it will be in 3-D BD, so go figure
The 50's stuff like CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON would look smashing on 3-D BD because with B/W there's less visual distraction from the anaglyph process. Some of the blame on F-13 could also possibly be levied at the quality of the production itself. It's a crummy low-budget film done in the very brief 3-D revival of the early 80's. It's hard to imagine extreme care was taken to get it all perfect. I would actually like to see a blu-ray of that lousy NIGHT OF THE...
Matter of opinion really, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH looked pretty sweet on my front-projector. You get color distortion from the glasses, but the image is sharp and has very convincing depth. That said I see no evidence that this is going to include a 3-D version other than that graphic above, and it could just be a quick mock-up in lue of the actual, final art.
That's funny, how old are you guys that FINAL DESTINATION seems like an "old" movie. I seem to remember it was quite popular back in the horse-and-buggy days of the year 2000, though not so much with the critics.
it's extended or an extended and theatrical cut for me too or no dice, I got better things to do with my dough than play the game of "planed obsolescence" on these.
It reminds me of a paint-by-number. There are several filters that will smooth and simplify an image into that posterized mess. Whatever old analog SD crud they originally pulled that from woulda looked better as is. At any rate, I cant promise you film was never touched for this mess.
my letter to amazon,the response,yawn, for reasons of my own security I did not include the links in their response.
New Posts  All Forums: