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Yeah! Alright I'm not a fan of these films, but I am a fan of Public Domain titles hitting HD and at great prices to boot. BCI had announced some cool Euro-horror and GALAXINA, but the slooow sales of HDM postponed them. I did hear that GALAXINA is back on now too. Of the PD titles I know exist in good form I'd like to see, Night Of The Living Dead White Zombie The Most Dangerous Game Nosferatu Carnival of Souls
Then essentially what your saying is that compression just can't handle and preserve the info on film? So just for S & G's how big of a file would one need to preserve the whole works. I mean apart from our home disks, would a lot of future digital preservation (hopefully) be uncompressed? Also, back to my original whine, why does The Fountain look pretty weak? It had both a milky softness and noise at the same time.
Meh, I can see why it the bickering bugs you, but it's pretty much why 80% are here. I think there isn't going to be much more than six more months of this anyway. IMO one of three things are poised to happen. Studios pick a winner for us, Warner most likely. or CEMs start announcing dual players right and left, since they can or no longer nor want to compete with Sony's undercuts. or Things keep inching along with too little growth to sustain studio's interests,...
Sorry but I think your ass-backawards on this , your asking for an alteration of the original, I'm asking for a close rendition of the original. Why isn't manipulating the original more an imposition of taste on others than saying play it as it lays? It may be one preference pitted against another, but at least my preference is true to the source, your's is based on an unwillingness to allow for anything but a homogenized uniform look for everything. I'm gonna venture to...
Think that if you like, but it's not, a films grain is the very composition of the original image itself. As soon as light hit those camera negs the filmstock, responded in accordance to what it's properties were, and that is the image. If in 1975 a director chose to use a fast low-light stock for a night scene, they knew that grain would be the compromise for the convenience. It may not have been their aesthetic desire to have grain, but just an acceptable trade-off. In...
Movies are art, film (for now) their medium. Remove the grain, remove the medium. You suffer from the arrogance that the standards of the moment in which you live trump all those that proceed it, and that your standards should be retrofit on to the past ones. Don't fix what isn't broken. Just curious, when you channel surf, do you just naturally pass by anything in B/W?
I doubt they give a crap HD profits now, they could go DVD exclusive and not feel the burn. It's the future they have their eye on. As soon as they think there are enough HD DVD players out there, IMO HD DVD it is. It's easier to use, finished specs, has cheaper players (far cheaper), better attach rates, cheaper production costs, and the 51 twin on the horizon as a transitional format. When Warner chooses it will be to turn the tide not just drift along with it.
I wonder if any Euro-entity has the rights to release Lawrence Of Arabia on HD DVD?
Some films upscale better than others, I use a DVDO to upscale, it does a nice job, but I pretty-much leave it on 1080-i for everything (my projectors max is 1080-i). I can't use my XA2 on the projector, because it's pre-HDMI
looks like we do need holographic after all Seriously though how can a films original grain be obscuring it's detail? It's not like the un-grained detail is hidden underneath somewhere.
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