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To the guy who seems to have absolutely no say in the house and someone else is calling ALL the shots: plz read the suggestion posted by someone else. That is one hostile environment you've got there man. *YOU* also have the right to live the way you want. Compromises are a must but a total give-in with absolutely NO regard for your own needs/wants is simply unacceptable....
sorry, not easy to move.... based on my observations and measurements, what i am getting is 100% in line with what the manual documents so if you consult that, you should get all the data you need.
I measured the distance from screen and projector again with the help of someone and it is 14' 2" exact. That is in line with what the manual would indicate. If your distance/image size are not in in line with what manual suggests, there may be something off with the lense...
I actually measured. The distance from screen to the lens is between 13'9'' to 13'11". There is a "play" of 2" because I am bymyself and the screen swings a little when I am taking measurement.Are you suspecting something wrong with your projector?
Just to add to speculation that HC5 really is a re-badged/updated HC9000D: I was trying to program my Logitech Harmony for the new HC5 and it did not have remote codes for HC5 (which is odd as they have codes for pretty much everything...). So, I tried to use HC9000D as the model number in Harmony setup, which it found and all the remote commands were there and they all work on HC5 as expected.
According to the manual, the shortest distance from screen for a 120" would be 163 inches. That is just a wee bit over 13.5 ft. That would my projector then not 13.5 but probably ~14 ft from screen because I still have a little bit of zooming out left. That is, I can still zoom out a little bit more to get an image which is larger than the 120" screen on all 4 sides but about 2-3 inches. I left this tiny bit of buffer for flexibility.
Zoom runs smoothly all the way. The only brief jerky or jumpy motion is when I change the direction of the zoom.Running 16:9 screen 120" in size.Throw distance is 13.5 feet which is very very close to running it fully wide--brightest picture possible at this distance.
Finally set my HC5 up. Installed in table-top fashion because the manual says picture would be darker if installed in ceiling mode (i.e. upside down). I didn't want to take any chances with the PQ plus this thing is so huge, it is better to just let it sit there on top of something for ease of everything. I am extremely impressed with the PQ. Brightness is awesome. I am running it on a 120 inch screen in totally dark room and the projector in normal (i.e low power) mode...
Ceiling Mount vs Shelf-Mount: which is better for HC5? I usually ceiling mount my projectors (in the typical upside-down fashion). However, I remember reading somewhere on this forum that someone read in the HC5 manual that ceiling mount option results in 5% reduction in something (brightness? sharpness? ???). I was wondering what the existing owners experience has been and how are they choosing to install their HC5? If you went with ceiling mount, did you notice any...
I ended up cancelling my HC7900DW order from B&H and bought an HC5 instead. Haven't experienced it yet but from the reviews and other feedback, it should be a decent jump from HC7900--although HC7900 is not bad at all in its own right. The 3D emitter that I bought for HC7900 will apparently work with HC5 as well so I kept that as I had gotten a really price on that one. Enjoy your HC7900DW!!!!
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