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Awesome thread.This link is dead. would you happen to have this still?, I want to break in my new subs coming in a bit
Beautiful home theater. Definitely gave me some ideas for when I start mine. Enjoy it.
Beautiful home theater on a pretty reasonable budget. Kudos to you, looks great!
I think thats the way Im going to go.Thanks!
Definitely plan on getting an external amp if I go the route of the 89's, whether for the new living room or basement home theater
Ultimately, I was going with the PL89's since I plan on putting these in a basement home theater when I move into a house next year, so the space will be much larger than my current or even future living room.Do you think the PL76 will still be adequate for a much larger room? (dont know dimensions yet!)I have the H100, and love it ,and was going to add 1 more, although I have had my eye on a SVS PB-12 Plus (wife probably wont approve though)
I really wanted the PL89II's and the PL28, but that center is a monster compared to the one I have now. I know this is minimal, but I really like the look of the 8" woofers on the PL89II's over the PL76. If I go with the PL28, it brings in an additional cost, a wall mount for my 55". I kinda didnt want to wall mount it, but I dont want to settle on the PL76/PL26. Might as well as buy it right the first time and avoid buyers remorse lol
,Hmmm...I figured that since the horns were the same size it wouldnt be much of a difference, if any (Im still new to this audio stuff, thats why I asked, and I read this whole thread, didnt see anyone with a PL76/PL26 combo lol)Now my dilemma is how do I fit the PL28 into my entertainment center
I have a H100, going to add a second one as well when I move back to PA next year. I guess Ill go with the PL76/PL26 combo. Thanks!
question for everyone.... I want to pull the trigger on a pair of PL89II's, PL66 rears and PL26 center. Im forced to go with the PL26 as a center since it will just fit in my entertainment center. My question is if I go with the PL26 as the center, will the PL89II's overpower the center? or should I stay with the matching PL28? Thanks.
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