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Quote: Originally Posted by fitzfeezy JRT what size panel do you have? 60ex500
My creation last night, before I woke up, turned on the telly and seen that the set had reset itself back TO DEFAULT BECAUSE I DIDNT CLICK FOR HOME USE ON ThE INITiAL SETUPP!!!!! Luminance Gamma RGB Levels DeltaE Color Temperature CIE Diagram The steps I took. i didnt mess with the brightness and pictures ettings to start, which i have been the entire time. Whether it means something, I'm not sure. Instead, I chose to go straight for...
You know, I originally selected store mode but reset the tv to redo my adjustments, didn't see the option to select it after resetting. It must have reset to store mode and like u said, resets to store mode adjustments after each startup. Damn. Well thanks, let's hope I can remember enough to get back to where I was
Thanks Stu, that is what I meant...had it backwards
4.5 hours. Time I spent last night adjusting white balance and every other setting! This morning, I turn the TV on and to what....the initial setup....praying my settings saved. NOPE! Pissed off. If you had seen the results I had with these settings, ones that were remarkable on charts and to the eyes. 30-100 IRE patterns below DeltaE 3. Color temperature within close range of 6500K across the board. Good RGB Levels (all except 20% and below of course) and my gamma...
Not familiar with any of the optical inputs/outputs sorry. I go from PS3 to TV to surround sound. So after some calibration is done. What movies does everybody throw in to test results with? BTW, I went into factory menu > color temp > and decided to adjust my white levels there rather then menu settings. Like working with the larger numbers rather then the 20 point limit. Pretty good results so far. Had to stop so the kids would shut up about despicable me, after...
What is everybody calibrating? I knew of the modes but never thought to change them. I calibrated on auto via the scene button
Sorry, meant the other mike (mdubrow)
Mike, what are you using to take your calibration readings? I can confirm that the Advance Contrast Enhancement, although many readings say to shut off all features that have to do with picture, does bring the lower IRE levels (0IRE and 10IRE) closer to reference point, which is good as these are the hardest ones to get accurate. Hows Warm 1 working out for you? have you tried calibrating warm 2?
Yeah, its the perfectionist in me when it comes to this that keeps kicking me forward, or else I would stop where I'm at. Tell me, when you have your i1 over the screen, do you suction it to the screen or hold it?
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